Michael Santonato


"Wealth is more than just money.

Wealth is health, family, relationships and fun."

How Can I Help Expand Your Wealth?

I love helping people who are committed and ready to take action. If that’s you, let’s connect!


As a professional speaker to over 5000 people, I would love to serve your customers, clients and market.


  • Protect your assets when you die
  • Grow your wealth
  • Protect loss of income


With an extensive knowledge in financial services, I can help you or your organization increase your financial literacy exponentially.

My Courses

I often host workshops and events to educate people on money and finance. I know that when it comes to money, “Knowledge Is Power”.  And “the more you know, the more you learn, the more you learn the more you earn. The more you earn the more you can have be and do.”


"Operates with a client focused orientation. Was a pleasure to work with."
Gary Christian
"Michael has helped me become more empowered with my finances, not just the dollars and cents. I enjoy great ease and flexibility in the services he provides! I've never experienced this before with other financial advisors. Michael is a wise man with a heart that truly cares about my well-being. I highly recommend Michael 100%!"
Michaela O'Reggio
"What amazed me about his approach was how client centred and customized his consultantation was. I know Michael brings a lot of himself to ever consult and would recommend him to any one looking for a reliable, trustworthy personal financial advisor."
Ali Dossa
Business Owner
"He has been prompt with answering all our questions, is always available for us and is very educated which makes us feel secure and confident when investing with him. He has helped up plan out a map to financial freedom!"
Sylwia Swider
Business Owner

My story

Everything changed when I knew I would marry the love of my life. Just after moving in with her and her three kids, I was hit with the fact that I would soon be a provider for them – financially as well as responsible for providing an education and safety net for many years to come.

That is when I scheduled a meeting with a financial advisor. Both Jessica and I got present to the gap of where we wanted to be and where we were. And it was a wakeup call!

We made some changes and turned around our situation in a short period of time. That experience was so important and valuable for me and my family that I left my career as a

Matchmaker: to enter the world of money and help as many families and individuals as I can.

I take the time to get to know everyone I work with. I treat every single person I come across as a valuable relationship. There is always value I can share with the person sitting across from me. I like to be transparent and tell the truth even if it hurts. I believe that is the only way to serve people.

Time is limited and life is short and I don’t like to waste either of them.