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Hi I’m here with Diane Bendtner, Diane-has been with exterior for a little less-than a year now, but it’s been in the-industry for a number of years, very-knowledgeable lady in the business-qualified for executive director became-a shareholder of Experior in 2018 her-first year with us which is absolutely-phenomenal. Diane tell us a little bit-about your background and how we got you-here today? My original career was as a-teacher so I taught with that Benton-Public School Board from 2000 and then I-signed in 2008 and I went in to-financial services in 2005.

So from a-teacher part-time financial services and-then full time financial services, Wow! so-people thought you were crazy yes-absolutely because teaching is a good-job absolutely there’s a lot of people-question my decision going into finance-services because they felt that teaching-was such a secure position which it is-and I had tenure because I was there for-over ten years so of course we had a-pension we had full benefits and a-secure job so but it was also a ball and-chain to me right I just felt that I had-already capped out at how much I was-able to make yeah and I found I wasn’t-able to have as much time with my son in-my family where it was this a big deal-To me-well you Staton that you’re a teacher-and I knew that it just came back to my-recollection in this meeting here but it-doesn’t surprise me that you’re so good-in this business and especially when it-comes to teaching the fundamentals of-the financial business to trainees-because of your background.

So how would-you say that you’ve had success in the-business and what experiences and-and what did you have to learn new stuff-to have success in the business I think-that being able to build rapport with-people is something that was it may have-come natural and I had the background-experience as well that helped-but, I think just the opportunity with-the amount of training and education we-had available to us and so if you like-learning which I am a life like long-learner, you’re made a big difference for-me that I was able to gather the-information and joy what I was learning-and then just like being a teacher, we’re-serving other people, and so being able-to help others and feel like we’re-making a difference, in society is such a-big deal no.  Awesome.

So when you got into-financial services-you also flourish there because you-became a six-figure earner had a lot of-success very well-known and the company-that you were part of you were there for-13 years then yes and then with-Experior we said less than a year what-are some of the major differences and-like what do you see different-about this because some people would-think when you’re crazy you built the-business you had a clientele you had A-team why would you leave all that behind-making six figures comfortable to chance-it on this five year old company that no-one has ever heard of what were you-thinking and what got you to make that-decision. I really enjoyed working in-financial services and yes it was a big-move for me a big change and the biggest-thing for me is one obviously meaning-yourself Jamie don’t think and just with-the transparency the integrity and I-could see that this was a genuine-company that I knew that I could grow-even further and the one thing I find is-just the way that everyone works-together while there may be some-friendly competition everyone is-genuinely happy for the success of-others. Absolutely.

And we all work-together to make sure that all of us-succeed you know and we do everything-right for our clients and for each other-to help each other grow and succeed and-that was huge for me well the best-decision I could have made and so I’ve-been here since May since May yes so in-seven months roughly to the time-we’re recording this which is January-2019 and what what-your future looking like for you what-are your goals over the next year to-three years now you have your partner-licensed? in the business with you which-is phenomenal Glen is an amazing guy so-we’re super excited with that what what-do you see for the future for you guys-in this business? -Oh being able to grow a largest agency-in Calgary is really good I have-agents in British Columbia Edmonton-Alberta and happy so happy to be working-with assisted in shepherd in Nashua-Ontario there that’s really good-but being able to grow now in Calgary is-going to be huge for us I’m actually on-schedule or on the right track for lack-of a better term that I should hit the-hundred my six-figure income by March or-Varco and months so in less than a year-starting from nothing to six figures in-ten months starting up again ain’t that-something and I would argue that-probably by the end of this year you’d-be at 150 175 easy and that might even-be thinking small.

So thanks amazing so-Dianne people watching this again-they’re going to they’re going to go yeah but-you know Diane’s got 13 years’ experience-you know you know we all want to justify-why someone like yourself can have-success surely you were always confident-I think with teaching background that-helps up to a degree but really I think-that for myself the knowledge and again-with the training we have within the-company as well as with the product-providers that gives me my confidence-right so you would say if someone’s down-here in terms of confidence maybe in the-business the more they learn that’s-going to help level up the compounds-well knowledge gives us power and gives-us the confidence to know that we’re-doing the right thing yeah so that when-we can speak confidently about putting-together proper-financed with plans for families and-talking with confidence and the proper-knowledge background about the different-products that we have you know to serve-the families is absolutely huge you know-.

Well the one thing I can say about you-is when I saw you present for the first-time in Edmonton and you’re on the white-board then you wrote I think it was six-or seven points on the investments-specifically you’re talking like a Patel-I was blown away I was like I wish I-knew that years ago to teach people that-way of going through it was-absolutely phenomenal so we saw your-teaching background shining right there-Diane what do you want to say to that-new person that’s watching this that-wants to be successful like you’ve been-super successful in this business and-maybe not to the level that you want to-achieve in the future obviously but-you’ve had some great success what do-you have to say to them in terms of-helping them get to that next step like.

To be more like a Diane fit in there so-to speak I think that’s the thing that I-would say is just move forward everyone-is going to progress at different speeds-and different paces and as long as-you’re moving forward you’re still-succeeding and not to compare ourselves-with other people you know and just keep-moving ahead one thing that I’ve always-said to anyone I’ve sat down with anyone-can learn this business we cannot teach-integrity so attracting people with-integrity is absolutely huge so that-you’re not going to have trouble within-your your business nope and again-like-minded people will attract-like-minded people and so if we attract-good honest people with integrity that-want to learn this business we can-definitely teach them and they will be-it’s so true and we’ve even oftentimes-as a company we’ve made our share of-mistakes as any organization that’s-growing and I’ve learned one expression-that Frank DeLeo actually used to say to-me when I give someone that second-chance that maybe did something off-base-before-he always says the tiger never changes-their stripes I believe mistakes happen-but if it’s an integrity issue you’re-right it’s some people just aren’t there-with that that integrity that is needed-so badly in this industry right not just.

An experienced industry as a whole and-there’s great people that work at every-company you and I both know that you-know many great people from your former-firm I know money from mine but that’s-that’s exciting-Diane I want to know for 2019-what what are your plans with your-hierarchy in 2019 I’ve written my goals-and as I mentioned definitely growing a-strong team with in Calgary now and so-I’m looking at 25 licensed agents is-what I have set as well as the quarter-mark I am looking at the 250,000 and to-strongly believe that I will be able to-achieve and cause of that well you’ve-got an awesome team and the one thing I-love it when people have big numbers and-hundreds of people in their-organizations but what impresses me more-is when they have production the agents-if there’s production and these they’re-making money and you have a lot of-people on your team but you’ve got a few-people already right now on track for-six figures and you’re just getting-started so the sky’s the limit-it’s awesome Diane absolute pleasure-having you in and looking forward to the-next couple days at our big event with-you thank you thank you-you-hey if you liked this video or any of-the other videos that I have on my-channel stay tuned we have so many more-coming but I want to make sure that-you’re in the know that you know when-they’re coming.

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