February 6th, 2019


Hi everyone, I’m here with one of our Executive Directors at Experior  Financial Group – Laval Debeau. Lava, l it’s an incredible leader with our organization – he’s a little tan today – just got back from vacation with his lovely family. Laval tell us a bit about yourself what’s your background in the industry and how you found yourself on this couch here with me today?

Thanks Jaime well I’ve been in the Institute for about 16 years I started off part-time I was in corporate finance and when the tech bubble hit I saw a lot of layoffs in the company that I was working for and So I knew that I had to get something in my back pocket in order to in order to prosper in life and you know I always had leadership skills was always very entrepreneurial and luckily I took a chance on myself had A very supportive wife who said you know one day my boss said the wrong thing to me he said you know we need you to come in on a Saturday to work and she already had plans and a euro was driving home one I got to tell my wife that I needed to break those plans and luckily we had worked on our mindset together and I got in the house and she basically said get upstairs and write your resignation letter and go full-time and go make a work and you know we we’ve always kind of known each other throughout our past and you know when this opportunity presented itself I knew that we were going to be locking arms with the right people

So I’m really excited about what we’ve done in the last three years since I’ve come onboard with Experian that the sky’s the limit that’s awesome.  So you were 13years with another firm yeah three years with Experian awesome.

So when you made that decision surely it was just an easy decision you just jumped in right both feet didn’t think about it no not at all it was you know you got to do your due diligence you have to you know when making a big jump like that when you’re having success and you know that you can still have success that that prior firm or what else is that fear the unknown you know we contemplated a little bit we talked about the pros we talked about the cons one of the things that I guess people get to know me on is I always take a look at both sides of the coming.

So I can be a devil’s advocate but sometimes I’ll you know bring something like that someone says you know I never thought about it that way So luckily you know we need from the past we knew your credibility we knew your desire towing and you know what myself and Frank and morale we have a good partnership as well I don’t think the three of us could have done it together because there were times when we were saying no and then there were times we’re saying yes and yeah you know we ended up making decision that was right for us because we just saw we had the capability to do that’s awesome in less than three years now tell me a little bit about your business how does it look today how many licensed advisors production that kind of stuff yep roughly, what yeah

I think I’m at about a hundred and forty licensed advisors how many 140 a hundred and forty licensed advisors yeah now prior to Experior, you ever build them an agency as well that was your peak there probably about 25 25 yeah she’s still kind of old buddy but yet but a hundred and forty license I think and I’ve been looked in a while Wow credible yeah and then production would you say last year record year for you absolutely I’d cash flow premium yeah I in in almost in a couple months I almost did probably in about a two-month span through my agency did more probably in two years than I did in my former company and I wasn’t big on too much she did like two years’ worth of volume yep that’s amazing yeah and you know what being able to offer you know again Emperor trying to build a business trying to build our distribution network but at the end of the day we’re helping our clients and you know to be able to offer the right services to clients that are needed like there’s nothing more that I talk will right now with disability or some critical illness!……  

……… And you know So many people are under insured when you and then when they have a trusted advisor talk with them about it you know I couldn’t do that in my past and I felt like you know who was that really servicing right and So you know to have clients come up and say you don’t what are you up with your family you know we need to be able to get set up that ways I knew I was making the right decision because I kind of felt my wings were tied and when we came over to Exterior we were able to fly right away that’s awesome.

Yeah So! for that person right now that new person because even as great as you are in this business and you’ve done very well in in all of your years from what I understand on this industry yeah but the beginning is still tough yep right it’s always tough what do you have to say to that person what can they do right away what are some action steps that they can take to help grow their business yeah absolutely the first thing is you have to be coachable you have to be able to plug into your up line leader they’re the ones that have known what’s worked in in the past and what it will work in order to be successful but you know what person does have to fail I was like that wanted to challenge the status quo I said hey Laval you know here’s what you need to do in order to have success and thought well I want to do it my way and you know luckily you have people that just will say hey you know what gonad figure it out on your own because you’re going to have to make those mistakes but I would say for a new person coming in they’re looking for the support they’re wet-behind-the-ears they don’t know the industry they’ve never really seen a sale they don’t know how it transaction works they don’t know that clients need our help the way that they need it they come out of university and colleges all in textbook.

………….  And So to have a field trainer and executive director sit down and show them the process of that it looks like magic and that’s really the power of what we have with experience that you know I don ‘twin unless someone else wins yeah and you know it’s that pay it forward model where now we’re in the full-blown brokerage mega where we can offer everything and not get it too confused with you know product but it’s a solution for a client and that’s really where we can show the new people why our system is So much better and even when we talk to other agents that have been in the industry for a while they look at our model and when explained properly they say I’ve been looking for something like this all my life you guys have finally built it and I I’ve had more people give me compliment like that where their jaws on their table and they can’t believe that we’ve actually put it together which is fantastic that’s awesome.

I got question because I am continuing to hear the same thing from all the executive director interviews I’m doing as we’re doing a whole series on this every single executive director is continuing to talk about helping the family and doing the right job and the solution and the family and doing the right job the solution the family and doing the right job I’m not hearing about fix bonus I’m not hearing about any of that stuff yeah and I’m serious when I asked this because I really don’t know the answer you’re the first person I ‘masking.

So sorry to put you on the spot there – why is it that the typical company out there typical not everyone but atypical is about fix bonus fyc what one pays better which one’s better for me and myself and i wears exterior every single leader I’m talking to is talking about doing the best job for the family helping the family why do you think that06:29is that that’s our total culture versus maybe others that aren’t quite like you just took it out of my mouth I always want to say it’s the culture that we have it’s B it’s not monkey-see monkey-do but we leaders that have a track record here that have done well in former companies and we basically do what’s right I’m going to be speaking tomorrow the gallon my06:49talk is doing what’s right that’s right absolutely and you know honestly I didn’t make a decision to come over to Exterior,  seen the bonus I wanted to be able to see how can I help out my family how can I help all my clients and how can I basically be at a ground level that Cando that help build this company right from scratch that definitely attracted me right and you can even attest we are not even anywhere close with where we are right now.

So for someone coming in and taking a look at hey have I ever missed it with Exterior absolutely not there there’s more opportunity out there but again the people that talk with facing bonus you know we have that saying don’t let the door hit you hard enough on the way out there right now that it’s tunnel vision and they simply just don’t see that they will hit a point in their in their career where they realize they may not own their book of business they’re their captive agent or they’re slave to the company that they work with and you know there’s no out for them in no valuation where they can basically pass on that book of business to their family or beneficiaries and that’s something that we show people but you know what I interview a lot of people during the day and sometimes I can tell right away they just don’t get it and not that they’re saying they’re a badperson sure I just say hey you know what lets you know thanks for the relationship let’s keep it open the doors always open if something ever changes and it’s funny I’ve had people come back and say you know what now I’m ready now see what you guys are seeing because we like to know our competitors better than them and we say well here’s what you’re going to find at this company here’s what you’re going to find it with this strategy.

Here’s what you’re going to find with this model and they come back and they say how did you know all that and we say again because we try to done our homework absolutely yeah absolutely that’s the one thing that I love about a lot of our leaders including yourself Laval that we’ve really dissected how other operations work no a lot of it in growing the company only because in the beginning let’s face it we want to see what was better out there right absolutely and you know even with my wife and I when we were launching Exterior we looked at everything yeah you know you name accompany I looked at it I talked to the people I asked them about it.

If there was someone that already had experience in retesting building I want to join it absolutely what we found out is no one had ever built it no one had ever built it the way that we felt was best for the advisors the clients and everything else and the team builders have as well as the producers because you’ve got to have a good fit for everybody if you want to have that retention in your business yeah and it’s funny that you say that because when Frank and Mauro and I when we were taking a look at you know breaking off and doing our own thing when we had met with Jamie we had some discussions and stuff like that we wanted to go and reinvent the old wheel we wanted to go and do it ourselves and we found ourselves go on well Jamie Leanne have already done this why would we go and try to have to do it and like from the beginning I said are you the real Jamie or where’s are youth clone that’s here because how unfrank and I are a smart guys and Mauro the three of us together but we sat there the three of us won how did Jamie Lain do this and ……

So we challenged other advisers out there that you know cross their arms and say well that’s good for you guys but I want Togo on and build my own and we challenge them as well we can say great you know don’t let the door hit you hard enough on the way out because it is tough we don’t know how you guys have done it but knowing what I love about experience well is still how nimble we are yeah we can were you know our technology is getting better I’m starting off in three years ago from where we are now it ‘sit’s just fantastic and you know I’m truly blessed to have been in that position to come in when we came in because I know from what we’ve gone through its that’s lifelong yeah well you know it’s funny Laval because  you guys you talk about what we’ve done in three years which has been great we’ve got an amazing development team and you know we work hard with them every day.

But when we go even a year before you came we were still doing payroll on an Excel spreadsheet yeah I mean it’s light-years you know in five years of building Laval I just want to give you some absolute praise right now and everyone’s going to hear this you are a class act you are a family man you have never ever sacrificed family for business and that’s one thing I respected about you know it’s said that many times and I just want you to share with the folks here how is it possible that you can build this big organization 140 licensed advisors around you know doing more volume in a month than you used to do in a year how do you manage to do that yet still do things with your boys at ball you know spending time with your wife and date here still all that kind of how do you do all that you in the eye we talked about paying a price and I paid the price to get to a certain level where it was in my past and that was able to transitional with experience.

So I look at that going how to do the grunt work early on I was coachable I you know I had other leaders around me that we all wanted to achieve that certain status. So I paid the price in some way but you know I look at my business and I know it can be a heck of lot bigger and you know we’ve always talked about that as well as you know everyone here have different temperaments talents and convictions and you know everyone can build their business different and one thing that was important to me is again my boys look at me I love coaching I know I need to step away from a little bit but that those are precious times and there’s a lot of symmetry that I also have in morale understands this that in this business is like we coach our agents we coach your agents to be better you just might not be you know financial services or baseball or something like that but I’m we’re lucky that I can say here ‘show I’ve done it and if someone in my business is struggling I can say well you’re making choices that either you can change to not struggle or to or to continue where you are and you know again I can talk about making more money having more production doing more investments and not that I’m comfortable with where I am I know that it’s going to be there.

But you also have to have that balance and sometimes I criticize myself or we can be very hard insure force but I think that that’s one thing that I truly appreciate that that you’ve recognized because yeah it’s my boys have looked at me and they’ve never seen me work for someone else and luckily again I had a wife that said get upstairs and write your resignation letter you know let’s go do this also all support yeah and they’ve never seen me have to have to say yes to someone rosary I have to be at a certain time at ascertain time because you know they see the flexibility that we have.

So that’s instilling that in them as well you’ve been a business born business owner since I’ve been born yep absolutely So you know I am blessed that way but I also know there is responsibility to get this thing done and I think that’s where 2019 is going to go as well 40:19we’re going to do it absolutely real about it’s a pleasure to be in business with you too my friend thank you thank you very much.

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