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Financial Advisor & Financial Educator, Proudly Serving Canada and the USA

Financial Advice: Fueled By Relationships, Not Commissions


How I Help You Build Wealth

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Retirement and Life Planning

Retirement is a new start, not the end. You worked hard to save up your nest egg and will need it to last for 20, 30, or maybe even 40 year.  I can help you with that. Get personalized support and advice that keeps your money working for you, and guarantees your peace of mind.

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Protection and Security

  • Protect your assets
  • Grow your assets
  • Protect and secure your families financial future
  • Prevent the loss of income
  • Get an objective perspective
  • Learn cutting edge financial education and strategies

Alternative Investments and Cryptocurrency

An experienced Real Estate, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency advisor that will help you protect your assets while navigating this new technology. Transform your current situation into lasting wealth. 

What Are The Statistics?

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Don't Be A Financial Statistic

Get an expert on your team to help you upgrade your finances, making your money work for you, and build wealth that will last a lifetime.

Investing is Hard, Learning to Invest is Even Harder

Understanding the stock markets is frustrating – I know, I’ve been there. Ive been studying the stock markets since I was 18 years old.

My father taught me to invest from a young age but it took a lot of hours and a few disappointments to get to where I am now – confidently making smart investments.

I know starting from the bottom can be overwhelming. And, let’s be honest, stock and bonds aren’t the most interesting topic to learn about. So, how can you make expanding your financial knowledge easier and more rewarding?

Check out my Financial IQ courses and learn everything you need to know to make your money work for you. I take all the knowledge I’ve gained in my career and condense it down into easy-to-grasp concepts that will give you actionable advice about your finances.

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Start Taking Control Of Your Money Today

Book a complimentary consultation with me today and we will discuss your personal financial situation and goals to establish the correct route for you to achieve your financial freedom. 

What My Clients Have To Say

"Operates with a client focused orientation. Was a pleasure to work with."
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Gary Christian
"Michael has helped me become more empowered with my finances, not just the dollars and cents. I enjoy great ease and flexibility in the services he provides! I've never experienced this before with other financial advisors. Michael is a wise man with a heart that truly cares about my well-being. I highly recommend Michael 100%!"
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Michaela O'Reggio
"What amazed me about his approach was how client centred and customized his consultantation was. I know Michael brings a lot of himself to ever consult and would recommend him to any one looking for a reliable, trustworthy personal financial advisor."
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Ali Dossa
Business Owner
"He has been prompt with answering all our questions, is always available for us and is very educated which makes us feel secure and confident when investing with him. He has helped up plan out a map to financial freedom!"
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Sylwia Swider
Business Owner

Start Your Financial Education

My Courses

I often host online workshops and events to educate people on money and finance.
I know that when it comes to money, “knowledge is power”, and “the more you learn, the more you earn."
My courses are focused on the common struggles I have seen my clients struggle with over the years, and give actionable advice that can help you understand your money and make it start working for you.

Michael Santonato financial advisor in Toronto Canada

Start Learning

I believe everyone should have access to the basic information they need to start their journey to financial freedom.

If you aren’t ready to commit to working with a financial advisor or taking a course you can still get FREE access to tonnes of helpful information here on my blog or by watching the videos on my Youtube channel.

Once you feel comfortable, then book a call with me at a time that works for you and we can discuss next steps.


My story

Michael Santonato Financial Advisor in the Greater Toronto Area

A Licensed Financial Advisor from the Greater Toronto Area, Michael Santonato is on a mission to empower and educate people on money and finances. 

From years of experience, working with a variety of clients, Michael has noticed a pattern – the biggest gap in people’s financial situation is not the size of their bank account, but their thinking about money and how to use it financial education. 

“We just don’t get a good financial education anywhere. Not in school, community, religion, and not usually from family either. But, when it comes to money, knowledge really is power.” 

Michael’s parents were bank managers and so Michael benefitted from receiving a financial education at a young age. By the age of 18, he was picking stocks with his father and talking real estate with his mother. 

Michael never received a formal financial education. Everything he has learned has come from personal experience, deep, extensive research and determination. Through years of successful investing (and some not so successful investing), Michael has gained his financial freedom. 

Now comfortably living in his new home in Mexico, Michael is focused on helping others experience the freedom and relief that comes with being financially stable and prepared for the future. He believes the best way to do that is through education and focuses on empowering his clients by sharing the knowledge they need to improve their finances not only in the short term but for the rest of their lives. 

“Investments and education are the only things that can truly set people free.” Through financial planning, financial education, and understanding of emerging technologies such as crypto currency, Michael can teach you how to take control of your finances

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