Hey everybody how’s it going!?
Michael Santonato here, helping you with your finances; overall I want to help you improve your financial situation.
Today’s tip is an easy and important one, okay, turns out guys; it’s not what you make, but, what you keep. I want you to remember this rule; if I could give you any financial advice, today it would be one simple thing, it’s not what you make, that counts it’s what you keep that counts. Let me explain what does this mean; yes you can have a big salary, you can have two jobs, three jobs you can have a business; where you make a ton of money. Right; you can make as much money as you want but what if you’re spending all that money, what are you really left with at the end of the day!?. So it’s not what you make that counts, it’s what you keep!.

That’s important; and what we keep, is simply the difference between what we receive. What comes in and what goes out;
so we need to prioritize being aware and focused. Being diligent on what we spent okay we need to be hyper aware so in this short little video I’m going to give you a whole bunch of places you can use where you can save money every single month okay so here’s our table
expense typical expenses and here’s where we can save car insurance, home,insurance, life insurance, groceries, everyday purchases, weekly purchases like haircuts, monthly bills like your telephone bill, your cell phone, bill your internet bill, your cable bill, other expenses like entertainment, going out social, movies, drinks, did I mention food, and groceries? yes good you can cut your grocery bill by a ton by choosing where you shop and choosing where to get your groceries and where to get your food.

Okay some of you have a clothing budget. I know, myself, I don’t do monthly clothes shopping maybe as a guy it’s more common. I don’t know, we don’t do that much shopping on clothes for ourselves but some people set aside a monthly budget of say a hundred bucks for clothing. Personally, me, I think that’s a-bit too much, so what I do is, I only go shopping for my clothes twice a year: summer and winter and I pretty much do everything I need all in one shot. And I found that not only does that really work for me but I take advantage of sales I take advantage of the changeover in the inventory and the seasons and so I’m taking advantage of promotions and sales and so just for me by doing that twice a year instead of once a month every month. I save a lot of time and you know time is money. And I also save cash in my pocket as well.

So, remember it’s not just what you make, it’s what you keep that counts so I listed more than 10 different places you can look at saving your money as a financial adviser I have a lot of different resources to help people save on their monthly expenses as well as taxes.

Taxes take away from what you keep as well, so I have to do another video on taxes but I want to say taxes is another great area you can save; so pick one or two spend a couple of hours this week – where can you save some money this month and every month moving forward because: it’s not what you make, it’s what you keep that counts!.

Thanks so much I’ll see you in the next video.


Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

I’d like to introduce you to the person, that changed my life. In primary school, I used to have a speech impediment, because I couldn’t pronounce the words; I couldn’t understand them. Therefore, my reading speeds suffered, and before I knew it – reading was my biggest fear. But this woman right here saw that, I had a problem and prioritized taking me to speech therapy every week; even if that meant she could never take me on a holiday. This woman is my mother; and her is why – I started my 15-year speed-reading journey.

Fast-forward to today: I now have a accelerated reading speed of 1500 words per minute which is seven times faster than the average- untrained reader I’ve taught over 2,000 people from over a hundred countries but speed reading isn’t this superpower which only the very few of us could have. Just like any skill it can be learned and it’s easy when you know how but first you need an open mindset there is no such thing as a bad reader just those with bad reading habits. So once you know what habits are holding your reading speed back it’s a lot easier to read faster. Now the problem is information overload reason is many of us in this room haven’t had a class called reading since we were 12. Yet every other subjects such as maths and science has progressively gotten harder yet were forced to keep up with this information overload with the reading skills of a 12 year old.

Now, the end of today everyone in this room will leave with some of the speed via and techniques that I have learned that will help you read not only faster but more effectively but first let’s take a look at those bad habits bad habits.

Number one sub vocalization – sub vocalization is that little voice in your head that you use from time to time when you read from a young age many of us are taught, to read aloud and as we progress we then read inside our heads at least I was studies have shown the average talking speed is 250 words per minute so it’s no surprise that the average reading speed is between 200 and 250 words per minute so the average untrained reader can only read as fast, as they can talk so if we want to read – faster we must start to see the words as opposed to hear them and we do this already.

Picture this when you see a stop sign, the words stop are clearly printed; we don’t read the words stop aloud we understand the meaning of the word. Therefore we only see it but how do we reduce our vocalization right now. We need to distract our brain by be using small distractions so tip number one press the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth for two reasons this will stop you mouthing the words as you’re reading and it will also create a small – distraction for your brain not so largethat it will take your mind away from.

The focus tip number two your environment your environment is key have you ever noticed when you walk into a coffee shop that sometimes you see – people working and it’s not because of: the good caffeine it’s because coffee shops have learned to create an environment which is optimum for productivity; the environments not too loud. where you get distracted what’s going on around you nor too quiet where your brain begins to wander the key is to get the brain into a state of relaxation.

Whether that’s listen to music, without lyrics such as classical music or studying in a spot which is consistent and personable to you the key is consistency bad habit number two regression now by a show of hands who in here’s got to the end of a page and for what I just read or even worse the end of a sentence myself included. And naturally we go back to the top of the page hoping this time somehow the information goes in but to know that, the reason is because the author often has to give context so by the time our eyes have reached the key points were exhausted.

Picture this you’re watching a movie, and your couple scenes in and it doesn’t quite make sense, almost like you’ve missed a couple key scenes, and then suddenly it clicks it all makes sense and you understand why the movie was set out the way it was. The reason for this is not a lack of understanding but more so a lapse of concentration and one way, we can improve our concentration is by becoming an active reader when our brain wanders it’s because we’ve become passive.

What’s one of the most common questions children ask it’s why. why do we have to do this? why do we have to do that? we need to be curious to find a good answer we must have good questions. So whilst reading have good general questions at the front of your mind such as how long will this take for me to read this what am I looking for and what key figures and words do I need to find tip number two gliding foot gliding you will need to use an object such as a credit card’ or any piece of object that you can use to cover up the sentence you’ve just read now the great – thing about gliding is it removes your safety net to reread the sentence you’ve just read meaning you’ve got to pay attention to the sentence you’re leading.

Because you know there’s no way you can go back bad habit number three fixations; fixations of where your eyes are still on the page now on average an untrained reader has between ten to fifteen — fixations read this sentence for me just …….. take your time

There’s no rush I’m not testing you now – to improve the number of vexations that you make the first tip is use a pacer – you can either use your hand or your pen to underline the sentence as you’re reading now this is set to the average readings of 250 words per minute and the great – hing about the Pacer is two things one. It maintains of reading speed often when – we read we don’t realize how fast or slow were reading until it’s too late – and number two increases and encourages.

Our eyes to read faster, because we’re forced to read an accelerated way tip number two bouncing now for bouncing you’ll need to segment your page into, three columns a word of caution please make sure it’s your book before you – start drawing in it don’t do what I did with a library book that was fifty years old because it will cost you 200 pounds of a place an expensive lesson one that of landfill now once you’ve made the three columns you want to bounce your eyes in the middle word in the first column over to the second one and over, to the third one using your peripheral vision to read either words either side. So there we have it the three habits.

Holding your reading speed back but it’s important to distinguish between reading – for need and reading for enjoyment now, before I show you the strategy to read a book a day in 2015 I learned something surprising that the average reader can go from reading a book a year to a book. A day without the costly tuition because speed reading is a superpower one which you can turn on and off and I’ll now, show you how step one the front and back cover sounds common sense but it isn’t, common practice this will give you a good context of what the books about and also the authority that the author has step 2 the table of contents 80% of a book’s value can be found on 20% of the pages the 8020 principle. Your time is precious so you want to be looking for the key points, so if it is your book make a note on a table of contents of what chapters stick out to you once you found those chapters; you’re gonna do your first section of your pre read which is skimming.

Now for skimming, you want to take 10 seconds per page, simply looking for key subheadings. diagrams that stick out to you and I’ll explain why and step four the second stage of your pre read scanning now for the scanning you want to spend about 30 seconds per page now going back to those subheadings that caught your eye looking for the keywords and figures now

Remember the time it’s taken an average, reader to read this once you would have already gone through this twice you becoming familiar with the content so, when you do come to the final stage. Speed reading using one of the techniques such as bouncing gliding or visual aids such as a pacer you’ll be more familiar not only will you read faster but your comprehension will be much greater because you’ve reviewed and you know what’s coming up so there you have it how to read a book a day speed reading is an important skill in today’s information overload society.

And I, encourage you if you’ve learned anything here today about speed reading please pass it on to someone who you feel could benefit from reading faster and more effectively because to teach is to learn twice and what teaching speed reading; has allowed me to do is give my mother, the holiday she was never able to give me so……………..

Remember time is precious so …………….. waste it wisely.


I recently got a question of what different ways are there to pay off a mortgage fast.

 Hey folks, Michael Lush.

There’s actually four.  One of the ways is actually about reducing your terms.

Let’s say you have a 30-year mortgage term.

If you do the Dave Ramsey method you could actually take a 10-year mortgage.

Here’s the issue with that. You’re going to have a lot less flexibility because on a 10-year mortgage the payment  Is going to be substantially higher than it would be on a 30-year mortgage, but you’ll No doubt be forced to pay it off in 10 years.

Now, there’s no flexibility again, so if at the end of the month things are getting tight,

Guess what?  You are under contract to make that 10-year mortgage payment.

This requires quite a bit of discipline. Another form is actually making extra payments.

You’ve got a 30-year mortgage and you’ve got some residual income, throw some extra money

Towards your mortgage at the end of each month.

Another common way is biweekly payments.  A lot of banks and services will actually charge you money to give you the information, I’m about to give you for free, how to set up biweekly payments.  When you refinance into a mortgage, which I don’t suggest you do, but I’ll get to that

Later, but if you were to refinance into a mortgage how you set up biweekly payments; If you’ve got a payment deferral of either 1 month or 2 months.Everyone’s guaranteed at least a 1-month payment deferral.

Before you make your first payment, you know who you need to make it to, so go ahead and

Make a full payment ahead of time, and then when it’s actually due take your mortgage

Payment cut it in half and then pay that every 2 weeks. You basically just set up your own biweekly payment plan. On a 30-year mortgage, paying biweekly can accelerate the payoff by 5 to 7 years, meaning You’ll take a 30-year mortgage down to 25 or 23. That’s pretty good.

That’s a lot of savings when doing biweekly. Here’s something that’s way better. Actually, refinance the entire mortgage into a home equity line of credit. Let’s say you take out a $300,000 mortgage on a 30-year term at an average interest rate.  Let’s say 4.25.  The payment is going to be roughly $1475 per month, principal and interest, excluding taxes and insurance.

What if we were to take that same $300,000, put it onto a home equity line of credit and

Actually not pay more, not pay less, but pay the same, $1475? This kind of gives us our baseline barometer of what’s better, what actually computes faster?  Wouldn’t you know it that a home equity line of credit will actually be paid off in 24-1/2  Years paying $1475 for the exact same terms as a mortgage, so as you can see, it’s faster.  What we teach, again, is don’t just make a payment to it.  Treat it like it’s your checking account, so put all of your money into it and pull

Money out as you need it for expenses, because if you make more money than you spend, you’re

Actually treating your home equity line of credit like a savings account.

That is going to accelerate it, again, on average, paying it off in 5 to 7 years.

It’s really that simple.  Again, if you like this video, be sure to like below.

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most important thing is to the side is to be able to define which ones you can come to an intelligent decision on and which ones are beyond your capacity to evaluate you don’t have to be right about thousands and thousands of thousands of competition you only have to be right about a couple.

I met Bill Gates on July 5th 1991 we arrived Seattle and Bill said you’ve got to have a computer and I said why and he said well he said you can do your income tax on it I said I don’t have any income Berkshire doesn’t pay a dividend yeah he said well you can keep track of your portfolio I said I only have one stock I said I did I mean he says it’s going to change everything and I said well will it change whether people chew gum and he said well probably not and I said what will change what kind of gum they’d show and I said well then I’ll stick to chewing gum and you stick to computers.

 So, I don’t have to understand all kinds of but there’s all kinds of business I don’t understand but there’s thousands of opportunities there I didn’t understand the Bank of America you know and I’ll be able to do that I’m able to understand some given percentage. But Ted Williams wrote a book called the science of hitting and in science of hitting he’s got a diagram shows him at the plate and he’s got the strike zone divided in the seventy-seven squares each the size of a baseball and he says if I only swing at pitches in my sweet zone.  Which he shows her and he has what his batting average would be which is 400 if he had to swing at low outside pitches but still in the in the strike zone, his average would be 230 he said the most important thing in hitting is waiting for the right pitch, now he was at a disadvantage because if the count was oh and two or one and two or so on even if that ball was down where he was only going about 230 he had to swing at it.

In investing there’s no called strikes people can throw Microsoft that man you know you name it any stock General Motors and I don’t have to swing yeah nobody’s going to call me out on call strikes I only get us I call if I swing at a pitch and mess. So, I can wait there and look at thousands of companies day after day and only when I see something I understand and when I like the price of which is selling then if I swing if I if I had it fine if I miss it it’s a strike but it’s an enormously advantageous game and it’s a terrible mistake to think you have to have an opinion on everything you only have to have an opinion on a few things. 

In fact I’ve told students if when they got out of school they got a punch card with 20 punches on it and that’s all the investment decisions they got to make in their entire life they would get very rich because they would think very hard about each one and you don’t need 20 right decisions to get very rich you know four or five will probably do it over time so I don’t worry too much about the things.

 I don’t understand it if you understand some of these businesses that are coming along and can spot things on if you can spot on Amazon for example I mean it’s a tremendous accomplishment what Jeff Bezos has done and I tip my hat to me is a wonderful businessman he’s a good guy too but could I have anticipated that he would be the success and ten others wouldn’t be I’m not good enough to do that but I don’t,

Fortunately I don’t have to you know I don’t have to form an opinion on Amazon, and I did I did form an opinion on the Bank of America and   I form an opinion on Coca-Cola I mean Coca-Cola has been around since 1886 there’s 1.8 billion 1.8 billion 8 ounce servings of Coca Cola products sold every day now if you take one penny and get one penny extra that’s 18 million dollars a day and 18 million times 365 is 7 billion 3 less 730 billion orders there’s 6 billion 570 million dollars so annually 6 billion 570 million dollars from one penny do you think Coca-Cola is worth a penny more than you know Coca Cola.

I think so you know and I’ve got about 127 years of history that would indicate it so those are the kind of Asians I like to make and you may have an entirely different field of expertise that I would have and probably much more up-to-date in terms of the kind of businesses that we’re seeing about and you can get very rich if you just understand the feel of them and understand their future.


So I get asked all the time what makes Experior different? I mean there’s a lot of companies out there, a matter of fact there’s over 400 managing general agencies right now. In the industry and many other career captive agencies network marketing organizations in the financial sector so what makes Experior different and that’s what I’m going to be sharing with you today number one we believe that branding is extremely important when building a business you know your reputation will precede;  You now I personally believe that character is far more important than reputation because reputation is what other people think of you, characters who you really are at the core button thing.

I also know about business and about people is eventually your character gets exposed people will figure out who you are and what you’re about so one thing that I ask our advisors is to always be genuine always be who you are don’t try and mimic someone else or copy this person yes we can look up to people and we can have role models in our lives but at the end of the day we really need to be who we are and act and become the best version of ourselves but I believe the brand is you as the advisor you are the brand and ultimately the organization that you’re a part of in our case Experior the brand that you permit to the public out there reflects on Experior.

So, we take it very serious that we’re hiring and training recruiting and training advisers that are professionals in all of their dealings I believe that how you do anything is how you do everything and if you’re acting like this in one area of your life it can spill over into other areas of your life you know if you go home and you know you kick the dog and you know you’re angry all the time it’s tough to be at the office and be good people person I again believe how you do anything is how you do everything so brand is absolutely important number two is timing the timing of an opportunity is

So, critical there was books written on major success stories we’ve all heard about you know the Rosary Ray Kroc the found McDonald’s we’ve heard of the Bill Gates stories and Steve Jobs and if you ask these gentlemen and some of their duck some of their biographies written about them what was your most important key to success many of them will say timing C timing is

So, critical if you think of a company like Umber or Amazon if they were launched in 1980 there would be no success they all relied on you know smart technology and ……

So on and timing I believe is so critical in building a business and I ask people this all the time imagine if you could have been at the start of the entity that you currently work at if you’re one of the founding you know members of that organization and help them build how would your life look today and a lot of people answer that Gold man it’d be dream come true you know I spent personally I spent ten years in an organization and I dreamt of what it would have been like if I was there in the heyday when they were just getting started and going and moving forward and see there’s different types of people some people want to work with a company that’s 40 50 a hundred years old because there’s security and stability see I’m of the mindset that most entrepreneurs want that startup company you know where the aid they might not make it but if they do it’s going to be huge the great news about Experior were essentially a startup company with an unbelievable five-year track record of success and it’s been proven itself over and over and with some of the carriers and the relationships that we have the third part is ownership I get frustrated sometimes I look at people’s LinkedIn profiles and it says I’m business owner at entrepreneur or I’m an entrepreneur at self-employed well those aren’t titles those aren’t those aren’t things that you are you’re either a business owner or you’re not and unfortunately if you work with a lot of organizations you do get fooled into thinking you’re a business owner when essentially you’re a sales person or a sales manager that is not the same as business ownership

So, that compared business ownership to owning a home okay if I own a home and Edie my family gets the home right or the estate it goes into sale and they get the home if I go to jail okay Instill own my home it’s my home I own it my name’s on the deed

So, that’s what ownership truly its it doesn’t matter what happens you own your business well? It’s the same at Experior it doesn’t matter what happens you own your business if you pass on if you commit a felony now you won’t be licensed you can’t work with us anymore if you have a felony but you still own your business not just don’t do that but you own your business that’s ownership and we actually have three levels to ownership you have ownership of your book of business the book of business at Experior is valued much more significantly than the traditional book of business ownership out there the way most business ownership happens from book a business standpoint is that you have to find a buyer and if you’re lucky you’ll get someone to pay you 2 to 3times your annual residuals whatever that may be

So, if you’re earning $50,000a year of residual passive income you could sell that business for somewhere between a hundred and 150 thousand if you can find a buyer what we’ve built that Experior is a bio plan where we will guarantee you 75% of all the residuals coming into your business fore 10-year period that’s a seven and a half times valuation on the book of your business and it’s a guarantee when you build your business with Experior that’s absolutely phenomenal and one of the wonderful things that experience put in place for our advisors you know it’s unfortunate some advisors hit the end of their career only to look back and go man I wish I had done this different Irish I’d have done that different and we just want to make sure there were people setting people up for success right from the beginning the second part of ownership is ownership of your agency now in the MJ world this does not exist see in the mega world you have people called call themselves ages an associate general agent which is under an mega now my personal opinion here only


So, don’t throw sticks tame here but I personally believe that agar is a way for an mega to convince people that they own a business that they can recruit and train people and that they own a business and because they get to use their own name it can be Joe Blow financial services or Sally Wilson financial services or whatever the case may be and people are tricked into thinking they own their business my question for you is this if you were to pass on and you were an AGA with traditional mg what does your family receive do they receive anything do you know what they receive see these are critical questions that we need to ask ourselves see at Experior we use a term called executive director an executive director with Experior is essentially an AGA with some additional opportunities to promote ages can you imagine being an AGA PROMOTING? An Ag and continue to get paid passive income on that but here’s what’s crazy about our ownership program we will pay you upon death to a family member beneficiary you can name a beneficiary or if you decide to retiree will pay 75% of all the income generated from that code that you’ve developed that AGA operation or executive director operation in our case for the next ten years to your family or to yourself can you imagine that if? You’re generating $200,000 a year of passive income on your code we have code in the system based on the advisers in your organization your AGA

So, to speak we’re going to continue to pay that code for ten years after you’re done with Experior that’s seven and a halftimes valuation if you take a $200,000passive income business that’s a 1.5million dollar valuation on your book of business there’s not another AGA that I know of in the industry that operates like that the third part is this and this one’s getting people excited you know we have plans in early 2019 it ‘slate 2018 as I record this video and we have plans in early 2019 of going south of the border into the United States of America the great news is all of our executive directors that Experior the people that we promote to that position to become an executive director by the way you have to hire and train or recruit on 10 licensed advisors and there are some production requirements there as well but what we do for people that have done that and there’s over 40that has

So, far with our organization that we have as executive directors we issue them shares in the corporation now can you imagine right now as I speak to you we are the fastest-growing mega in the entire country to my knowledge wearer the first or one of the first MGAs? that’s ever going to go south of the border from to the US not from us to Canada we have ample opportunity here and can you imagine own a piece of an organization that has a vision that has a dream of becoming the largest financial serviceman on the planet and that’s exactly what we intend on doing here at Experior – We believe with our leadership team with the things that we’re putting in place with some of the deals that we ‘reworking on right now behind the scenes we believe that we are positioning ourselves to be the dominant financial services brokerage in the entire globe and that’s what you get to own a piece of if you should decide to work and become a part of Experior now other questions I’m getting a lot or how’s your structure different what makes you guys unique you know what’s your sweet spot and really I call it the tribrid system try it hybrid you know it’s kind of a combination of two well we took a combination of three to build what we call a tribe rate and here’s our tribe red model we took the best of the best from the managing general agency world out there see in the mega world you have high compensation advisers on their block of business right they can transfer it they can sell it okay that there’s some benefits there they have access to multiple carriers all these benefits we have at Experior some of the negatives with the mega is lack of training and support lack of guidance showing people how to sell a lot of MJ’s don’t want part-time agents you know I’ve heard MJ’s referred to people as deadweight I think that’s a complete insult to humanity I would never call someone deadweight I just feel that not everyone is at the same level as others and it might take people longer to succeed than others

so we allow part-time agents but a lot of the negatives with the mega world right we left that behind we took all of the positives from the mega world the second part of the tribrid is the career agency’s career agencies you look back at the London life and you know the training they did for

So, many advisors years ago and the cleric assess now son life and all that all the career shops many huge advantages great name recognition great brands right they have lot of benefits in terms of the trainings right the procedures they have in place they help you out typically with a draw when you’re first starting some of the challenges though is they don’t want part-time agents right and if you’re successful person that’s 40-somethingyears old and you’re making a six-figure income it’s kind of hard to jump into something commission based day one and go full-time we believe that because of our part time opportunity that’s available we can attract anyone it doesn’t matter what your income is we can attract you into the business because you don’t have to quit your job and potentially go broke the next month because you’re not making the commissions right away as you’re growing and building your practice


So, there’s a lot of good with the career model and the good that we took from it is the great brand right the image that we ‘recreating out there right now in the marketplace number two is how we train our advisors we are training advisors seven to fifteen times a week depending on the office and we’re doing webinar videos all the time I mean it’s constant communication we have a lot of communication through what Sapp anytime someone does a sailor or get two prospectors or whatever there’s recognition around that and people feel good about it you know in the mega world and maybe even sometimes in the career world it gets lonely you know it’s every man and woman for themselves out there fighting we’ve built a great team camaraderie and culture around our organization which is just fantastic and in my opinion second to none the third part of this tribrid model is the network marketing or the multilevel marketing out there now I do get a lot of people ask well you know I stay away from that stuff you know the pyramid thing and people have heard these different things but let me ask you question do you know the two financial services companies in Canada and in North America rather the two insurance agencies are financial companies call it what you will that have the largest sales forces of any other company on the globe in financial services would it be surprising if I told you that they are both multi-level marketing organizations

So, having said that we are not a truemulti-level marketing organization we’ve taken the good from it because let’s face it if you’ve built the two largest sales forces on the planet in this industry using that model you can’t lie to yourself it obviously works and there’s obviously some good to it right would argue that there’s a lot of negatives to it that the lack of professionalism sometimes the stigma that’s out there sometimes I mean there’s certain things that people don’t like you know I feel like if you’re going to represent a company you want to be proud to say that company’s name and that’s one thing that I love about experience our advisors are proud to say I’m with Experior but the network marketing gives you the bit of the ability to develop multiple agencies you can recruit a large organization everyone has equal opportunity there’s no limit on territories I mean there’s so many huge advantages that I feel like people in the mega world just don’t understand how great some of the things over here are and the people in the career shops are kind of sitting in the middle going I’m not sure but they all look like they’re having fun right

So, what we’ve done is we said we’re going to take all the good from these three models we’re going to build this tribrid organization we’re going to call this company expiry Financial Group and wearer going to build the largest most successful team of financial advisors ever to hit planet earth

So, I’d like to thank you all so much for being a part of this journey with us on learning little bit about Experior I know we didn’t go into the numbers and twenty-gritty but I first want to share with people the big vision of what we ‘redoing as an organization because if you don’t buy into that vision the numbers aren’t going to matter anyways but if you are interested in learning more please contact the person who invited you to watch this video contact myself my name is Jamie Pricket you can connect with me on LinkedIn let me know how you heard about us and we look forward to chatting with you soon and hopefully we will working with some years soon as well thank you.


Wednesday, February 6th, 2019


Hi I’m here with Diane Bendtner, Diane-has been with exterior for a little less-than a year now, but it’s been in the-industry for a number of years, very-knowledgeable lady in the business-qualified for executive director became-a shareholder of Experior in 2018 her-first year with us which is absolutely-phenomenal. Diane tell us a little bit-about your background and how we got you-here today? My original career was as a-teacher so I taught with that Benton-Public School Board from 2000 and then I-signed in 2008 and I went in to-financial services in 2005.

So from a-teacher part-time financial services and-then full time financial services, Wow! so-people thought you were crazy yes-absolutely because teaching is a good-job absolutely there’s a lot of people-question my decision going into finance-services because they felt that teaching-was such a secure position which it is-and I had tenure because I was there for-over ten years so of course we had a-pension we had full benefits and a-secure job so but it was also a ball and-chain to me right I just felt that I had-already capped out at how much I was-able to make yeah and I found I wasn’t-able to have as much time with my son in-my family where it was this a big deal-To me-well you Staton that you’re a teacher-and I knew that it just came back to my-recollection in this meeting here but it-doesn’t surprise me that you’re so good-in this business and especially when it-comes to teaching the fundamentals of-the financial business to trainees-because of your background.

So how would-you say that you’ve had success in the-business and what experiences and-and what did you have to learn new stuff-to have success in the business I think-that being able to build rapport with-people is something that was it may have-come natural and I had the background-experience as well that helped-but, I think just the opportunity with-the amount of training and education we-had available to us and so if you like-learning which I am a life like long-learner, you’re made a big difference for-me that I was able to gather the-information and joy what I was learning-and then just like being a teacher, we’re-serving other people, and so being able-to help others and feel like we’re-making a difference, in society is such a-big deal no.  Awesome.

So when you got into-financial services-you also flourish there because you-became a six-figure earner had a lot of-success very well-known and the company-that you were part of you were there for-13 years then yes and then with-Experior we said less than a year what-are some of the major differences and-like what do you see different-about this because some people would-think when you’re crazy you built the-business you had a clientele you had A-team why would you leave all that behind-making six figures comfortable to chance-it on this five year old company that no-one has ever heard of what were you-thinking and what got you to make that-decision. I really enjoyed working in-financial services and yes it was a big-move for me a big change and the biggest-thing for me is one obviously meaning-yourself Jamie don’t think and just with-the transparency the integrity and I-could see that this was a genuine-company that I knew that I could grow-even further and the one thing I find is-just the way that everyone works-together while there may be some-friendly competition everyone is-genuinely happy for the success of-others. Absolutely.

And we all work-together to make sure that all of us-succeed you know and we do everything-right for our clients and for each other-to help each other grow and succeed and-that was huge for me well the best-decision I could have made and so I’ve-been here since May since May yes so in-seven months roughly to the time-we’re recording this which is January-2019 and what what-your future looking like for you what-are your goals over the next year to-three years now you have your partner-licensed? in the business with you which-is phenomenal Glen is an amazing guy so-we’re super excited with that what what-do you see for the future for you guys-in this business? -Oh being able to grow a largest agency-in Calgary is really good I have-agents in British Columbia Edmonton-Alberta and happy so happy to be working-with assisted in shepherd in Nashua-Ontario there that’s really good-but being able to grow now in Calgary is-going to be huge for us I’m actually on-schedule or on the right track for lack-of a better term that I should hit the-hundred my six-figure income by March or-Varco and months so in less than a year-starting from nothing to six figures in-ten months starting up again ain’t that-something and I would argue that-probably by the end of this year you’d-be at 150 175 easy and that might even-be thinking small.


So thanks amazing so-Dianne people watching this again-they’re going to they’re going to go yeah but-you know Diane’s got 13 years’ experience-you know you know we all want to justify-why someone like yourself can have-success surely you were always confident-I think with teaching background that-helps up to a degree but really I think-that for myself the knowledge and again-with the training we have within the-company as well as with the product-providers that gives me my confidence-right so you would say if someone’s down-here in terms of confidence maybe in the-business the more they learn that’s-going to help level up the compounds-well knowledge gives us power and gives-us the confidence to know that we’re-doing the right thing yeah so that when-we can speak confidently about putting-together proper-financed with plans for families and-talking with confidence and the proper-knowledge background about the different-products that we have you know to serve-the families is absolutely huge you know-.

Well the one thing I can say about you-is when I saw you present for the first-time in Edmonton and you’re on the white-board then you wrote I think it was six-or seven points on the investments-specifically you’re talking like a Patel-I was blown away I was like I wish I-knew that years ago to teach people that-way of going through it was-absolutely phenomenal so we saw your-teaching background shining right there-Diane what do you want to say to that-new person that’s watching this that-wants to be successful like you’ve been-super successful in this business and-maybe not to the level that you want to-achieve in the future obviously but-you’ve had some great success what do-you have to say to them in terms of-helping them get to that next step like.

To be more like a Diane fit in there so-to speak I think that’s the thing that I-would say is just move forward everyone-is going to progress at different speeds-and different paces and as long as-you’re moving forward you’re still-succeeding and not to compare ourselves-with other people you know and just keep-moving ahead one thing that I’ve always-said to anyone I’ve sat down with anyone-can learn this business we cannot teach-integrity so attracting people with-integrity is absolutely huge so that-you’re not going to have trouble within-your your business nope and again-like-minded people will attract-like-minded people and so if we attract-good honest people with integrity that-want to learn this business we can-definitely teach them and they will be-it’s so true and we’ve even oftentimes-as a company we’ve made our share of-mistakes as any organization that’s-growing and I’ve learned one expression-that Frank DeLeo actually used to say to-me when I give someone that second-chance that maybe did something off-base-before-he always says the tiger never changes-their stripes I believe mistakes happen-but if it’s an integrity issue you’re-right it’s some people just aren’t there-with that that integrity that is needed-so badly in this industry right not just.

An experienced industry as a whole and-there’s great people that work at every-company you and I both know that you-know many great people from your former-firm I know money from mine but that’s-that’s exciting-Diane I want to know for 2019-what what are your plans with your-hierarchy in 2019 I’ve written my goals-and as I mentioned definitely growing a-strong team with in Calgary now and so-I’m looking at 25 licensed agents is-what I have set as well as the quarter-mark I am looking at the 250,000 and to-strongly believe that I will be able to-achieve and cause of that well you’ve-got an awesome team and the one thing I-love it when people have big numbers and-hundreds of people in their-organizations but what impresses me more-is when they have production the agents-if there’s production and these they’re-making money and you have a lot of-people on your team but you’ve got a few-people already right now on track for-six figures and you’re just getting-started so the sky’s the limit-it’s awesome Diane absolute pleasure-having you in and looking forward to the-next couple days at our big event with-you thank you thank you-you-hey if you liked this video or any of-the other videos that I have on my-channel stay tuned we have so many more-coming but I want to make sure that-you’re in the know that you know when-they’re  coming.

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I often get asked you know what are the reasons that Stephie and I decided to work with experiential and you know. There are many reasons.  I have 10 reasons – The first one is a leadership of the Company you know when you’ve got leaders like Jamie Lee and cricket that are field leaders you only been in the field.

They built an organization before; they’ve been advisors if you can’t buy. That you know there’s no business out there where you can get that kind of leadership servant leadership at the Head of the company.  I believe everything rises and falls on leadership and when you have great leaders like that at the corporate office, it makes it inspiring
for field leaders like ourselves.  

Your role and build the business and that’s the first level of leadership, the second is A leadership with Experior Itself. When we looked at the company it was amazing to see the incredible leaders they have in
the company and they’ve come from all backgrounds; from the Builder model. The captive model and the mg/ml you just don’t find that in Organizations out there in Canada I think that was a major reason for a step-unites it feels so confident. 

If this is good enough for that many people at those different organizations or levels to come into Experior it definitely made – sense for us and so I think that was a huge one as well was the leadership we saw the quality of the people.  The integrity, people, the advisory knowledge that the company had, you know, we came in and started interviewing some of those

It was unbelievable you know the other big thing is the tribrid model you know, when you look at what they did they captured, you know a magical moment where – they combined the captive model with the – MGA world, with the builder models and put it all into one so we could actually go out and attract people from all those different backgrounds and that’s important as a leader as a builder because; if you want to grow and help more families in Canada..

You need a larger team and so when you have a model like that that can attract all the varieties of people it’s a really amazing place to work and be because you have such more to offer people from all the different walks of life to come into this tribrid model. The fourth fit is compensation there’s a few levels of this obviously but for an advisor they have great compensation competitive with the industry so not only to get the community advisor you get to come in also and if you choose to build your own agency you know I’m talking to a lot of professional advisors too that are successful advisors and they’re now looking at ways to leverage their time leverage their knowledge and ability to start training others.

You know, I see them all the time what would be more powerful you at the high high  bonus by yourself working by herself trying to build your business or if you took an train five six seven or ten other advisors to work with you and you had the ability to have spread in the business for doing training with them and grow your business that way and so long term those advisors now are building of course that’s one aspect the he agency model itself has also been one of our passions you know being able to license and train new people into the industry in the business but we can also attract quality license people. And because of our model and so it’s beautiful when you can bring some in your business and they can get the top executive director 140 bonus contract and off-course they get the same ability to achieve that same contract and of course the company then provides another 53 percent so you got a one forty plus 53 a one 93 percent potential payout through the organization which is incredible I’ve never seen that before you know a lot of people talk about compensation, but a lot of times it’s hidden you don’t really see it clearly.

So I love when people have transparency here they know what they can build as an advisor only or as a as an agency owner in our organization and having being able to pay out seven different tiers of pay out of that 53 percent is really powerful so I believe what’s really important to let compensation is people can make money from day one good money a lot of the malls right now they’re struggling is because the new person basically makes almost nothing and most the override goes to the top the bonuses go to the upper echelon and when you don’t allow your people to make properly they can’t stay in the business I can’t tell you.
How many advisors I met from some of these builder models that have just done consumer proposal or are not financially sound and I think that’s a that’s a real problem the industry and so that’s why I really love the conversation of Experior The fifth area is we have many different mga contracts so why is that important you know almost 20 now it’s important because a is an advisor you have a lot of choice and so today there’s so much cultural diversity and so much need for a variety of products from you know the life Cid long-term care.

But now because of immigration and the great diversity of our nation you know there’s need for travel insurance super visa and so if you only have one provider you actually can’t even service the market and if you only have one provider are they competitively priced so as an advisor it’s great for us because we have to serve the market fully and earn more income right by serving the market but the other thing is through the client benefits because we’re competitive you know if you only have one product and you have a high price your business is going to get replaced and so it’s so powerful you have a lot of providers, a lot of options for the business and also for recruiting attracting quality advisors, they might prefer one brand over another cut you’re used to it.

So I think it’s very powerful that we can bring people in the business with the tribrid model with a lot of providers and being able to attract them into Experior on that end you know I truly believe today if you don’t have a robust product diversity you’re left behind as advisor you’re leaving money on the table so I think it’s so important you have a lot of diversity and but you know how to sell those products you know how to provide that value to the customer in the consumer and that takes training as well so I just believe to the captain model today doesn’t work anymore it’s just that one brand one choice is I think you know those days are numbered and I think that’s really a big part of our compensation wall.

So I’m very excited about that the other is the ownership programs and so there’s many of them in 
the business know from day one we own our clients here and I was part of a model where we did know in the client but we did all the work to attract and build and retain our client but yet when you leave that organization they own the client and there’s other mgs like that as well but what would you captive it’s like handcuffs and so when you go to look at other agencies you know I feel sorry for new people that are never told this and I think legally it should be disclosed you don’t own your client when you go in there so if you’re a new person looking at this video please make sure you find out do I own my client if I leave this mga can I take my clients.
With me you know a lot of the Builder models are captive they hold the client and I don’t think that’s fair because if you don’t if you’re not a big-time builder type person you can’t make the you know the upper echelon is where all the money ends up going you’re going to starve and so I think it’s really 
important you know that if you don’t succeed there that you need to have the option and think you’re clients elsewhere that’s really important no matter who you are imagine a person working so hard for 10 years to build their client base then to find out they go to leave the business and all their trails and renewals are stuck there and they have to go through a whole rigmarole them to bring their clients back over.

I think it’s very important that you know if you own your clients and what’s really nice is we have a buyout program it’s like a retirement program built in its l building your own pension plan you know that’s how I term it I don’t trust too many people I don’t really trust necessarily you know the way things are with taxes or the government things change all the time but here you can build a true pension plan by building a client base and then one day retire.

So if you stepped out of experiential you have the ability to receive a ten times buyout of 75 percent of those renewals and trails in that organization that you build up your client base that’s pretty amazing because you have an actual proven way to exit the business if you want to totally retire out of it you can also then have the agency model so with the agency model if you build that you can will it to your family and kids you can have someone your family take it over you could also take that business and take a buyout. I mean what an incredible retirement store how’d you built into the model from day one and you know it’s it’s there it’s transparent so you know my wife are excited that if we ever one day one to sell the company would buy it or one of our agency owners might buy it and we have the ability to get a 10x value in terms of the residual so you  know we have a program where you someone  could take it over someone could buy it out. They could pay you up front one time or take a ten year about a 75% about residual ongoing so there’s many exit  strategies that are involved in the industry and business that’s super important because you’re going to put your life and energy and your blood sweat and tears into building a company into business you need to make sure you have an exit strategy and multiple exits strategy is to exit you know the last one and I don’t know how long this will last for but the share offer that’s with expiry. You know we have a an ability to 
become an executive director to become a shareholder in Experior and that’s unbelievable to me!.

Imagine having steak and a company that I believe is going to go on to become a multi hundred million billion dollar company in the industry I’ve we’ve seen this happen with other firms in this type of model it went on to become billion dollar companies and imagine having that ability to have a errors in that organization so it’s an added bonus for doing what we’re loving to do anyway I just think that’s incredible you know the other point is number seven is building and producing you can do both here you know before in a model that I came from you could really only build to make any money here you can be a producer only in make incredible money and or be A builder so it’s a nice small it’s a great fit for doing what you want to do and I just think it’s so attractive because we don’t have to leave any agents behind we literally can offer something for all different types; of agents whether they’re really focused on the client side and or focus on building there’s the best of both worlds in our model number eight would be the system you know we have an incredible system on many levels.

So the first is a tribrid model you know that creates a whole different system in itself being able to capture the best of all three models in one and leave the bad behind and so that’s number one the second is our training I mean we have webinars whatsapp groups weekly meetings in the offices and so a lot of training part of a system so if you’re looking at this as someone from the industry or other models you know what do they have for training what do they have to provide the advisor a success path and so that’s very important.

I mean when I come across a tough client situation I put it into our whatsapp dreams with over 200 over-the-top advisors in the company and they’re all sharing knowledge that this normally doesn’t happen normally you have to go learn it for yourself all of it it’s stressful it’s time-consuming here we get quick answers from top  advisors as part of our chat groups and that’s the beauty of our model because everyone’s trying to help everyone succeed whereas in other models a lot of them are trying to keep you down or keep. 

You know not you can becoming successful as it takes the limelight away from them here we celebrate that we encourage it and so lots of training lots of opportunity to grow and village your business that way and when top leaders are doing webinars and zoom meetings almost daily it’s almost impossible to fail if you commit to learning and plugging in so that’s a big one number nine I think would be timing you know.

I really believe that the timing of this industry is so critical I think the model timing that that you know Jamie and Lee prick it put together our founders is so amazing because they really read the industry I don’t believe today that any other model by itself will succeed in in this changing industry I think you need to have a little bit of all the malls in the one so I really believe that timing is awesome for that model they also believe the time is incredible for our company you know just five years in now I say just five years five years proves as small has been successful now and is even getting bigger and stronger and better in the industry but I really believe that we have such an incredible model and the timing right now is amazing.

Because so many advisers are maybe sick and tired of where they’re at you know the brand there has been tarnish the brand is no longer what it used to be because a lot of change of the industry and a lot of issues that are going on and so I think again the timing is so critical that we have the ability to grow and expand across the country and next is going to be opening up the US where we get a chance I as far as I know the first time in history of Canadian financial services company is going to open up the US and this type of model and be able to grow and build there and that’s super exciting for anybody watching this video and for myself and all the executive directors and Experior across Canada the timing is really at the very beginning still in Canada and yet we have a population 11 times the size of our country to go and help and help improve the lives of clean and  clean and American families as well as our timing is just unbelievable.

I think the 10th reason is really is the need for what we do i you know never before in history we seen so many families struggling you know and new people coming to our company country and they don’t know anything about you know money finance and so the need for what we do today is more prevalent than ever the economy is tougher than ever you know we’re starting to see that happen now with the economy is tough.

You know  people are also looking for financial help but they’re also looking for an opportunity to make good money so I think the timing is so incredible on those two fronts you know just on the client side because we have so many products and diversity we can properly serve that consumer so the consumer wins the company wins the advisor wins so when you have a win-win-win in the business in this industry.

It’s hard to be I mean world you find that and so all these factors these ten reasons stack up to the need for what we do and at the end the day serving the Kane family I think some organizations have lost their way in  terms of just they recruit  recruit they’ve forgot that we serve the  client we forgot as a financial services company and so I believe that’s so critical and the fact that that those clients also are looking for better  opportunities because the economy’s  tougher jobs don’t pay what they used to  he cost of living is shot up.

So, I think  it’s so important that they also have a  way to generate additional revenue so you know I hope that makes sense those  are my 10 reasons and from my wife and I Stephanie you know we just believe that  these 10 reasons are just too hard to ignore so if you’re watching this video  take a serious look at expiry for the  person that asks you to take a look at  our great company and if it’s a fit for you then you can take advantage of these  10 reasons for yourself so thank you for  watching this video. 


Hi everyone, I’m here with one of our Executive Directors at Exerior Financial Group – Laval Des Beaux. Laval it’s an incredible leader with our organization’ he’s a little tan today just got back from vacation with his lovely family. Laval tell us a bit about yourself what’s your background in the industry and how you found yourself on this couch here with me today?

Thanks Jaime well I’ve been in the Institute for about 16 years I started off part-time I was in corporate finance and when the tech bubble hit I saw a lot of layoffs in the company that I was working for and So I knew that I had to get something in my back pocket in order to in order to prosper in life and you know I always had leadership skills was always very entrepreneurial and luckily I took a chance on myself had A very supportive wife who said you know one day my boss said the wrong thing to me he said you know we need you to come in on a Saturday to work and she already had plans and a euro was driving home one I got to tell my wife that I needed to break those plans and luckily we had worked on our mindset together and I got in the house and she basically said get upstairs and write your resignation letter and go full-time and go make a work and you know we we’ve always kind of known each other throughout our past and you know when this opportunity presented itself I knew that we were going to be locking arms with the right people

So I’m really excited about what we’ve done in the last three years since I’ve come onboard with Experian that the sky’s the limit that’s awesome. So you were 13years with another firm yeah three years with Experian awesome.

So when you made that decision surely it was just an easy decision you just jumped in right both feet didn’t think about it no not at all it was you know you got to do your due diligence you have to you know when making a big jump like that when you’re having success and you know that you can still have success that that prior firm or what else is that fear the unknown you know we contemplated a little bit we talked about the pros we talked about the cons one of the things that I guess people get to know me on is I always take a look at both sides of the coming.

So I can be a devil’s advocate but sometimes I’ll you know bring something like that someone says you know I never thought about it that way So luckily you know we need from the past we knew your credibility we knew your desire towing and you know what myself and Frank and morale we have a good partnership as well I don’t think the three of us could have done it together because there were times when we were saying no and then there were times we’re saying yes and yeah you know we ended up making decision that was right for us because we just saw we had the capability to do that’s awesome in less than three years now tell me a little bit about your business how does it look today how many licensed advisors production that kind of stuff yep roughly what yeah I think I’m at about a hundred and forty licensed advisors how many 140 a hundred and forty licensed advisors yeah now prior to Exterior you ever build them an agency as well that was your peak there probably about 25 25 yeah she’s still kind of old buddy but yet but a hundred and forty license I think and I’ve been looked in a while Wow credible yeah and then production would you say last year record year for you absolutely I’d cash flow premium yeah I in in almost in a couple months I almost did probably in about a two-month span through my agency did more probably in two years than I did in my former company and I wasn’t big on too much she did like two years’ worth of volume yep that’s amazing yeah and you know what being able to offer you know again Emperor trying to build a business trying to build our distribution network but at the end of the day we’re helping our clients and you know to be able to offer the right services to clients that are needed like there’s nothing more that I talk will right now with disability or some critical illness!……

……… And you know So many people are underinsured when you and then when they have a trusted advisor talk with them about it you know I couldn’t do that in my past and I felt like you know who was that really servicing right and So you know to have clients come up and say you don’t what are you up with your family you know we need to be able to get set up that ways I knew I was making the right decision because I kind of felt my wings were tied and when we came over to Exterior we were able to fly right away that’s awesome.

Yeah So! for that person right now that new person because even as great as you are in this business and you’ve done very well in in all of your years from what I understand on this industry yeah but the beginning is still tough yep right it’s always tough what do you have to say to that person what can they do right away what are some action steps that they can take to help grow their business yeah absolutely the first thing is you have to be coachable you have to be able to plug into your up line leader they’re the ones that have known what’s worked in in the past and what it will work in order to be successful but you know what person does have to fail I was like that wanted to challenge the status quo I said hey Laval you know here’s what you need to do in order to have success and thought well I want to do it my way and you know luckily you have people that just will say hey you know what gonad figure it out on your own because you’re going to have to make those mistakes but I would say for a new person coming in they’re looking for the support they’re wet-behind-the-ears they don’t know the industry they’ve never really seen a sale they don’t know how it transaction works they don’t know that clients need our help the way that they need it they come out of university and colleges all in textbook.

…………. And So to have a field trainer and executive director sit down and show them the process of that it looks like magic and that’s really the power of what we have with experience that you know I don ‘twin unless someone else wins yeah and you know it’s that pay it forward model where now we’re in the full-blown brokerage mega where we can offer everything and not get it too confused with you know product but it’s a solution for a client and that’s really where we can show the new people why our system is So much better and even when we talk to other agents that have been in the industry for a while they look at our model and when explained properly they say I’ve been looking for something like this all my life you guys have finally built it and I I’ve had more people give me compliment like that where their jaws on their table and they can’t believe that we’ve actually put it together which is fantastic that’s awesome.

I got question because I am continuing to hear the same thing from all the executive director interviews I’m doing as we’re doing a whole series on this every single executive director is continuing to talk about helping the family and doing the right job and the solution and the family and doing the right job the solution the family and doing the right job I’m not hearing about fix bonus I’m not hearing about any of that stuff yeah and I’m serious when I asked this because I really don’t know the answer you’re the first person I ‘masking.

So sorry to put you on the spot there – why is it that the typical company out there typical not everyone but atypical is about fix bonus fyc what one pays better which one’s better for me and myself and i wears exterior every single leader I’m talking to is talking about doing the best job for the family helping the family why do you think that06:29is that that’s our total culture versus maybe others that aren’t quite like you just took it out of my mouth I always want to say it’s the culture that we have it’s B it’s not monkey-see monkey-do but we leaders that have a track record here that have done well in former companies and we basically do what’s right I’m going to be speaking tomorrow the gallon my06:49talk is doing what’s right that’s right absolutely and you know honestly I didn’t make a decision to come over to Exterior, seen the bonus I wanted to be able to see how can I help out my family how can I help all my clients and how can I basically be at a ground level that Cando that help build this company right from scratch that definitely attracted me right and you can even attest we are not even anywhere close with where we are right now.

So for someone coming in and taking a look at hey have I ever missed it with Exterior absolutely not there there’s more opportunity out there but again the people that talk with facing bonus you know we have that saying don’t let the door hit you hard enough on the way out there right now that it’s tunnel vision and they simply just don’t see that they will hit a point in their in their career where they realize they may not own their book of business they’re their captive agent or they’re slave to the company that they work with and you know there’s no out for them in no valuation where they can basically pass on that book of business to their family or beneficiaries and that’s something that we show people but you know what I interview a lot of people during the day and sometimes I can tell right away they just don’t get it and not that they’re saying they’re a badperson sure I just say hey you know what lets you know thanks for the relationship let’s keep it open the doors always open if something ever changes and it’s funny I’ve had people come back and say you know what now I’m ready now see what you guys are seeing because we like to know our competitors better than them and we say well here’s what you’re going to find at this company here’s what you’re going to find it with this strategy.

Here’s what you’re going to find with this model and they come back and they say how did you know all that and we say again because we try to done our homework absolutely yeah absolutely that’s the one thing that I love about a lot of our leaders including yourself Laval that we’ve really dissected how other operations work no a lot of it in growing the company only because in the beginning let’s face it we want to see what was better out there right absolutely and you know even with my wife and I when we were launching Exterior we looked at everything yeah you know you name accompany I looked at it I talked to the people I asked them about it.

If there was someone that already had experience in retesting building I want to join it absolutely what we found out is no one had ever built it no one had ever built it the way that we felt was best for the advisors the clients and everything else and the team builders have as well as the producers because you’ve got to have a good fit for everybody if you want to have that retention in your business yeah and it’s funny that you say that because when Frank and Mauro and I when we were taking a look at you know breaking off and doing our own thing when we had met with Jamie we had some discussions and stuff like that we wanted to go and reinvent the old wheel we wanted to go and do it ourselves and we found ourselves go on well Jamie Leanne have already done this why would we go and try to have to do it and like from the beginning I said are you the real Jamie or where’s are youth clone that’s here because how unfrank and I are a smart guys and Mauro the three of us together but we sat there the three of us won how did Jamie Lain do this and ……

So we challenged other advisers out there that you know cross their arms and say well that’s good for you guys but I want Togo on and build my own and we challenge them as well we can say great you know don’t let the door hit you hard enough on the way out because it is tough we don’t know how you guys have done it but knowing what I love about experience well is still how nimble we are yeah we can were you know our technology is getting better I’m starting off in three years ago from where we are now it ‘sit’s just fantastic and you know I’m truly blessed to have been in that position to come in when we came in because I know from what we’ve gone through its that’s lifelong yeah well you know it’s funny Laval because you guys you talk about what we’ve done in three years which has been great we’ve got an amazing development team and you know we work hard with them every day.

But when we go even a year before you came we were still doing payroll on an Excel spreadsheet yeah I mean it’s light-years you know in five years of building Laval I just want to give you some absolute praise right now and everyone’s going to hear this you are a class act you are a family man you have never ever sacrificed family for business and that’s one thing I respected about you know it’s said that many times and I just want you to share with the folks here how is it possible that you can build this big organization 140 licensed advisors around you know doing more volume in a month than you used to do in a year how do you manage to do that yet still do things with your boys at ball you know spending time with your wife and date here still all that kind of how do you do all that you in the eye we talked about paying a price and I paid the price to get to a certain level where it was in my past and that was able to transitional with experience.

So I look at that going how to do the grunt work early on I was coachable I you know I had other leaders around me that we all wanted to achieve that certain status. So I paid the price in some way but you know I look at my business and I know it can be a heck of lot bigger and you know we’ve always talked about that as well as you know everyone here have different temperaments talents and convictions and you know everyone can build their business different and one thing that was important to me is again my boys look at me I love coaching I know I need to step away from a little bit but that those are precious times and there’s a lot of symmetry that I also have in morale understands this that in this business is like we coach our agents we coach your agents to be better you just might not be you know financial services or baseball or something like that but I’m we’re lucky that I can say here ‘show I’ve done it and if someone in my business is struggling I can say well you’re making choices that either you can change to not struggle or to or to continue where you are and you know again I can talk about making more money having more production doing more investments and not that I’m comfortable with where I am I know that it’s going to be there.

But you also have to have that balance and sometimes I criticize myself or we can be very hard insure force but I think that that’s one thing that I truly appreciate that that you’ve recognized because yeah it’s my boys have looked at me and they’ve never seen me work for someone else and luckily again I had a wife that said get upstairs and write your resignation letter you know let’s go do this also all support yeah and they’ve never seen me have to have to say yes to someone rosary I have to be at a certain time at ascertain time because you know they see the flexibility that we have.

So that’s instilling that in them as well you’ve been a business born business owner since I’ve been born yep absolutely So you know I am blessed that way but I also know there is responsibility to get this thing done and I think that’s where 2019 is going to go as well 40:19we’re going to do it absolutely real about it’s a pleasure to be in business with you too my friend thank you thank you very much.

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Wednesday, February 6th, 2019

Francis and Dianne discuss their reasons for choosing Experior to build their business with CEO Jamie Prickett. Although Dianne originally recruited Francis, they are now a power couple, BOTH licensed, and growing their business quickly with many new recruits.


Hi everyone, Jamie Prickett here, I have the pleasure of introducing to you,,,,, Francis and Diane Sinday Brandon.  Thank you, it’s a pleasure. On my part Francis and Diane have been with Experior since, I guess early 2018.  Yeah! early last year. Early last year not far and and so we’ve only known each other about a year ago is when he met. Francis and I an have built an incredible agency; right now ranked in the top three in the entire company in agency production absolutely Phenomenal.  

So tell me a bit about Yourselves?
Yeah actually we got introduced in the financial industry back in 2011. I was actually first recruited by her, yeah she’s the one is actually wanting to get into the Industry. and never really had that Interest; before but you know with all the you know the teachings trainings and that’s what how I got hooked up with all the finances. Right, So …. also when you’re both licensed in the business?.  Yes we are. Awesome,

So this is interesting because a lot of our partnerships in the business aren’t both licensed so what advantages are there to both of you going through and getting the license you know most of the time you know there’s so many things that we need to do as a financial adviser and it’s just so amazing to have somebody to delegate stuff or have you helped out with some other area so you can focus on one thing where you’re good at and then the other thing where she’s good at so yeah it can really work well with both of us. …. that’s awesome.

Yeah my wife and I found the same thing because we built our business together right from the beginning and both of us being licensed and we both had different strengths and then really worked well together true so I know Francis Diane you guys be in a very humble couple and you are I want to share with the audience you started with another organization called great way right that was your first that was your first entry to the industry yes and you earned over 400,000 a year there yeah quite around the number right around the 400,000 income or so that’s a that’s a great income on an annual basis when you left there tell me about that what what took place what did you do in the mean time?

Before we met well could you left there a couple years ago now almost three years ago and three years ago okay because no one back in 2000 speak oh it’s actually three years now yeah well yeah 2015 of August so we have decided to leave that company because we thought and believe that there could be something else that we could do better at a time so and then of course based on six peer where everything that we wanted to you know have for ourselves as an advisor and for us a company at a time I think everything is in here yep so and I’m really glad we talked back in November of 2000 when was that 2017!?. 

Because that was the beginning I was like it opened up a new you know new perspective right yeah and and you guys were having success at that time as well you’re running your own independent AGA called stellar wealth that’s right and you had about 40 advisers or so.

 I think it’s more than that I think we’re about around more plus 60 now at the time and well and we have more students on the side waiting to become licensed yep and when you showed me that system that why experiment  beneficial or going to be advantageous for for us as an organization I think it helps us a lot especially for AGA.

Like us at a time yeah because everything you guys have shared to us pretty much sold what a das problems are right and that that’s where it came us too you know I’ve decided to just come on board you know everything about that we’re having hard time with and experience we hope take it exactly that’s that’s one of the challenges we find is that AGA is great people entrepreneurial they want to build something but really you’re you don’t have the income and let’s face it when you’re building and training an office you need space it’s like you got to do everything and it’s very hard so even on an AGA and having success as an AGA with sixty odd advisers we’ll call it you still found it beneficial to say enough with that we’re gonna be team stellar wealth which is what you guys are now and a very powerful team with experience that thank you but just for those people that maybe have an AGA.

Right now because I want I know you guys can speak to that better than anybody what struggles did you have with deciding to go you know what we’re gonna go with Experior because obviously you have that pride of ownership and everything that it’s your baby yeah what what what kind of struggles did you have in the transit well I can name a few but two major ones that I could probably discuss right now the first thing is how would you go about helping somebody who wanted to get the same level as you are right because that’s the biggest challenge at a time because some people say hey you know what I want to get the same contract as you right and the biggest challenge in MGA world is that they don’t really care so much about house AGA is you know business going and they kind of really like to limit you got that you know because that’s how I feel it’s my opinion yeah that’s your entitled to that…..  they limit you to certain degree where they don’t want you to grow they want you to grow but as you know as to certain limit yeah and that’s not really good because if you really want to grow business you want to be able to give you know what your peoples are people are looking for especially the contracts the bonus rate that they’re looking for and us an AGA you wouldn’t be able to do that because you have a limitations with that right there’s only so much you can give when you’re getting exactly without assists that’s right so the bonus rate wise you can’t really give up give as much as what MJ can do that’s the first one well the second one basically is you know let’s face it when we thought of creating that company we never really thought about taking care of the back end office like the administration’s and all that.

 I think that really drained us a lot cuz you running a company I think it’s better to employ or to do what you’re good at in terms of let’s say recruiting or being in the field helping people out instead you’re being stuck with in an office an office truck kind of thing and now we’d experienced um buddy on the back end doing all compliance or the do the work for new business and I think it gives us a free time to do what’s most important as an aviator button which is basically growing the business now that allows us to do more of what we like to do so that’s and still get a 193 bonus throughout your organization you know what on the building uh yeah that’s true and actually looking at it though as an AGA some people actually say hey I have a better contract with other MGS because I they gave me a let’s say one hundred ninety or a hundred eighty five.

Sometimes people are given hundred eighty five and they thought you know you know what what what matters most in your business it’s not 185 or 190 given to you but nga what matters to me is actually what’s left on that number yeah right there running a business cost you money – that’s right so for me as an AGA now given given a contract with let’s say exterior now I actually increases my my profit by my profit yeah because number one I don’t have to deal with all the commissions and all that stuff now that’s been taken care of yeah at the back-office all right but you guys used to spend a couple days running just commissions that’s a lot of worry enough time because you know Excel you know yeah because you have to you know you have to put all these numbers export them from from the insurance companies and you just have to do on the card cases it’s a lot of hard work yeah.

Now everything is automated because somebody’s doing it for you and I think it increases your productivity in that sense most certainly and you guys are powerful recruiters and builders and producers and we’re so proud to be in business with you guys when when we first met you I still remember it was a Friday night in Calgary you guys drove all the way from Edmonton the end up staying in Calgary that night and when my wife and I met you guys we knew that if we could get you guys in this business it would be amazing and it took us a little bit but yeah I’m so happy that that you guys trusted to build your business with us yeah it made us really that realization when we see who experience really is they’ve done at the core we’ve been thinking about it like when we were starting in back in 2011 by the way we do business is actually exactly the same as what experience doing right now and talking about realization I was like saying here you know what we have been an experience they want yeah and that’s why yeah that’s why we ended up here because the law of attraction you know we don’t know you yeah you just out of nowhere

When we look like same date night – that’s right it was like 9:00 or 9:30 I got your pasta was it late in that okay I was like okay this here’s a guy from one sorry oh yeah so amazes what you share and I say passion and everything was yeah and I can relate to that because I’m trying to build a business at a time it’s like you are but yeah of course you did better than that all right you figured some stuff along the way but you know I’m learning and it was like saw amazed and so inspired by you.

 I’ll tell you guys something I mean this the reason why I X period is somehow we’ve been able to attract great leaders like yourselves thank you that’s what’s made expiry so good it wasn’t that the and I built a better system than you or anything like it’s because we brought all the minds together to create the company that’s gonna dominate the marketplace so Francis Diane I am so proud to be in business with you guys same here Damian wanna we’re so proud to be part of this organization experi and I’m really happy both of us are happy being led by a leader like you and just so amazing of the whole experience from they wanted to make today it’s just really good and looking forward for more one of this and people telling you fishin area I think this is the best decision that we’ve made so far Experior all along since day one. Yeah amazing nice thank you thank you very much Jeannie thank you thank you.

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