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Learn About the Essentials of Money and How to Use It the Right Way

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Taking you through The Financial Wakeup Call program will be, Michael Santonato, Financial Advisor and Executive Director, Investor, and passionate Advocate for Financial Education. You will never again think about money the same way as you do now.

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Get the wake-up call. Analyze your money history and your money habits. Being good with money is not about “just making more money”. And being good with money is not about financial minimalism. Know how to make the best use of what you have. As Michael says, “Its not how much you make, but what you keep, that counts.”


Understand how the financial system works, how it was created, and how it became what it is today.  Why is it that way? Who made it that way?  What has been done to change it in the past? What do we need to do in the future to change/improve or transform it? What do you have to do to go around the system and benefit from it?


“What you measure, grows. What you examine expands.” Learn what your overall outlook on money needs to be for success and how to change it.


Make money the right way and ultimately achieve true financial freedom and wealth. Understand the drawbacks of the existing money system that slows down financial growth.


After you have picked up the basics of money making the right way, you will learn the many intricacies of spending, earning, and thinking about money in a way that will ensure your financial stability.


Test your learning. You will be taken through a series of exercises and simulated situations on making money the right way and how people have succeeded in doing so in the past.

Course Objectives & Overview

Once you finish the course, you will have a better understanding of the various aspects of money – how you earn it, how you use it, how much you have actually got, how you spend or invest it and how to better manage it. You will also have a clear conception of what money is, and the history and evolvement of money over time. You will be surprised to learn that banks and most financial institutions make more money than you can ever dream of and that the laws are heavily stacked against you and for them. You’ll learn why they are that way and how they became that way. Finally, discover the real purpose of money, how it has become a tool of oppression for most people, and ways to get empowered for making the most of your earnings now.

How the financial system was created and has evolved into what it is todayWhy knowing that is critical to your financial well beingHow to get around this system and come out aheadHow to make money work for you (and no longer be a slave to it)Analyzing your personal financial history and habits and how to move forward and grow from this moment onIdentify those who tried to subdue the financial systems in the past and why they are our heroesDiscover who are the people who profit from our hard workRecognize the heroes who succeeded financially in the past and how you and I can tooBonus: Access to The Financial Ninjaz Community

Course Instructor


Michael Santonato

The course is led by Michael Santonato, a Financial Advisor, Executive Director, and investor and advocate for financial education. Through his courses, he has set hundreds of individuals and families on the path to financial improvement, financial integrity, and financial education, helping them to get more out of their money mindset and finances. 

Michael is a name to reckon within the financial world, being accountable for over $1 million in private cryptocurrency assets and over $2 million in traditional investment markets. 

You will not get a better person as a course instructor, one who knows the financial world inside out.

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Its kind of Sad and scary to know this is  how our money system works. I hate that we are left in the dark. But thanks to the knowledge that you shared, I found this very empowering.  Thank you for the information. I am going to bed knowing I’ve made millions and I’ll make millions more!

– Julia Bussey, Barrie

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My husband and I absolutely loved it! We think everyone should take this course! We never would have imagined these were our habits or that THAT is how the money system worked. We are thankful we took the course and now we know what to do, to do everything differently!

             – Kasia Juszczak, Hunstsville

1gOWfYwpTkq9MvI49zqW5 tina kidd jpg

    This eye-opening course is so informative. I appreciate the non-judgemental approach, how it resonates with me and how relevant it is for anyone feeling stuck or wanting better for their life and financial situation. I love “the 3 rules” and the deep breaths – so empowering!

– Tina Kidd, Saskatchewan

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