Simple Financial Advice – “Its Not What You Make, But What You Keep That Counts”


Hey everybody how’s it going!?
Michael Santonato here, helping you with your finances; overall I want to help you improve your financial situation.
Today’s tip is an easy and important one, okay, turns out guys; it’s not what you make, but, what you keep. I want you to remember this rule; if I could give you any financial advice, today it would be one simple thing, it’s not what you make, that counts it’s what you keep that counts. Let me explain what does this mean; yes you can have a big salary, you can have two jobs, three jobs you can have a business; where you make a ton of money. Right; you can make as much money as you want but what if you’re spending all that money, what are you really left with at the end of the day!?. So it’s not what you make that counts, it’s what you keep!.

That’s important; and what we keep, is simply the difference between what we receive. What comes in and what goes out;
so we need to prioritize being aware and focused. Being diligent on what we spent okay we need to be hyper aware so in this short little video I’m going to give you a whole bunch of places you can use where you can save money every single month okay so here’s our table
expense typical expenses and here’s where we can save car insurance, home,insurance, life insurance, groceries, everyday purchases, weekly purchases like haircuts, monthly bills like your telephone bill, your cell phone, bill your internet bill, your cable bill, other expenses like entertainment, going out social, movies, drinks, did I mention food, and groceries? yes good you can cut your grocery bill by a ton by choosing where you shop and choosing where to get your groceries and where to get your food.

Okay some of you have a clothing budget. I know, myself, I don’t do monthly clothes shopping maybe as a guy it’s more common. I don’t know, we don’t do that much shopping on clothes for ourselves but some people set aside a monthly budget of say a hundred bucks for clothing. Personally, me, I think that’s a-bit too much, so what I do is, I only go shopping for my clothes twice a year: summer and winter and I pretty much do everything I need all in one shot. And I found that not only does that really work for me but I take advantage of sales I take advantage of the changeover in the inventory and the seasons and so I’m taking advantage of promotions and sales and so just for me by doing that twice a year instead of once a month every month. I save a lot of time and you know time is money. And I also save cash in my pocket as well.

So, remember it’s not just what you make, it’s what you keep that counts so I listed more than 10 different places you can look at saving your money as a financial adviser I have a lot of different resources to help people save on their monthly expenses as well as taxes.

Taxes take away from what you keep as well, so I have to do another video on taxes but I want to say taxes is another great area you can save; so pick one or two spend a couple of hours this week – where can you save some money this month and every month moving forward because: it’s not what you make, it’s what you keep that counts!.

Thanks so much I’ll see you in the next video.