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Wednesday, February 6th, 2019


So I get asked all the time what makes Experior different? I mean there’s a lot of companies out there, a matter of fact there’s over 400 managing general agencies right now. In the industry and many other career captive agencies network marketing organizations in the financial sector so what makes Experior different and that’s what I’m going to be sharing with you today number one we believe that branding is extremely important when building a business you know your reputation will precede;  You now I personally believe that character is far more important than reputation because reputation is what other people think of you, characters who you really are at the core button thing.

I also know about business and about people is eventually your character gets exposed people will figure out who you are and what you’re about so one thing that I ask our advisors is to always be genuine always be who you are don’t try and mimic someone else or copy this person yes we can look up to people and we can have role models in our lives but at the end of the day we really need to be who we are and act and become the best version of ourselves but I believe the brand is you as the advisor you are the brand and ultimately the organization that you’re a part of in our case Experior the brand that you permit to the public out there reflects on Experior.

So, we take it very serious that we’re hiring and training recruiting and training advisers that are professionals in all of their dealings I believe that how you do anything is how you do everything and if you’re acting like this in one area of your life it can spill over into other areas of your life you know if you go home and you know you kick the dog and you know you’re angry all the time it’s tough to be at the office and be good people person I again believe how you do anything is how you do everything so brand is absolutely important number two is timing the timing of an opportunity is

So, critical there was books written on major success stories we’ve all heard about you know the Rosary Ray Kroc the found McDonald’s we’ve heard of the Bill Gates stories and Steve Jobs and if you ask these gentlemen and some of their duck some of their biographies written about them what was your most important key to success many of them will say timing C timing is

So, critical if you think of a company like Umber or Amazon if they were launched in 1980 there would be no success they all relied on you know smart technology and ……

So on and timing I believe is so critical in building a business and I ask people this all the time imagine if you could have been at the start of the entity that you currently work at if you’re one of the founding you know members of that organization and help them build how would your life look today and a lot of people answer that Gold man it’d be dream come true you know I spent personally I spent ten years in an organization and I dreamt of what it would have been like if I was there in the heyday when they were just getting started and going and moving forward and see there’s different types of people some people want to work with a company that’s 40 50 a hundred years old because there’s security and stability see I’m of the mindset that most entrepreneurs want that startup company you know where the aid they might not make it but if they do it’s going to be huge the great news about Experior were essentially a startup company with an unbelievable five-year track record of success and it’s been proven itself over and over and with some of the carriers and the relationships that we have the third part is ownership I get frustrated sometimes I look at people’s LinkedIn profiles and it says I’m business owner at entrepreneur or I’m an entrepreneur at self-employed well those aren’t titles those aren’t those aren’t things that you are you’re either a business owner or you’re not and unfortunately if you work with a lot of organizations you do get fooled into thinking you’re a business owner when essentially you’re a sales person or a sales manager that is not the same as business ownership

So, that compared business ownership to owning a home okay if I own a home and Edie my family gets the home right or the estate it goes into sale and they get the home if I go to jail okay Instill own my home it’s my home I own it my name’s on the deed

So, that’s what ownership truly its it doesn’t matter what happens you own your business well? It’s the same at Experior it doesn’t matter what happens you own your business if you pass on if you commit a felony now you won’t be licensed you can’t work with us anymore if you have a felony but you still own your business not just don’t do that but you own your business that’s ownership and we actually have three levels to ownership you have ownership of your book of business the book of business at Experior is valued much more significantly than the traditional book of business ownership out there the way most business ownership happens from book a business standpoint is that you have to find a buyer and if you’re lucky you’ll get someone to pay you 2 to 3times your annual residuals whatever that may be

So, if you’re earning $50,000a year of residual passive income you could sell that business for somewhere between a hundred and 150 thousand if you can find a buyer what we’ve built that Experior is a bio plan where we will guarantee you 75% of all the residuals coming into your business fore 10-year period that’s a seven and a half times valuation on the book of your business and it’s a guarantee when you build your business with Experior that’s absolutely phenomenal and one of the wonderful things that experience put in place for our advisors you know it’s unfortunate some advisors hit the end of their career only to look back and go man I wish I had done this different Irish I’d have done that different and we just want to make sure there were people setting people up for success right from the beginning the second part of ownership is ownership of your agency now in the MJ world this does not exist see in the mega world you have people called call themselves ages an associate general agent which is under an mega now my personal opinion here only

So, don’t throw sticks tame here but I personally believe that agar is a way for an mega to convince people that they own a business that they can recruit and train people and that they own a business and because they get to use their own name it can be Joe Blow financial services or Sally Wilson financial services or whatever the case may be and people are tricked into thinking they own their business my question for you is this if you were to pass on and you were an AGA with traditional mg what does your family receive do they receive anything do you know what they receive see these are critical questions that we need to ask ourselves see at Experior we use a term called executive director an executive director with Experior is essentially an AGA with some additional opportunities to promote ages can you imagine being an AGA PROMOTING? An Ag and continue to get paid passive income on that but here’s what’s crazy about our ownership program we will pay you upon death to a family member beneficiary you can name a beneficiary or if you decide to retiree will pay 75% of all the income generated from that code that you’ve developed that AGA operation or executive director operation in our case for the next ten years to your family or to yourself can you imagine that if? You’re generating $200,000 a year of passive income on your code we have code in the system based on the advisers in your organization your AGA

So, to speak we’re going to continue to pay that code for ten years after you’re done with Experior that’s seven and a halftimes valuation if you take a $200,000passive income business that’s a 1.5million dollar valuation on your book of business there’s not another AGA that I know of in the industry that operates like that the third part is this and this one’s getting people excited you know we have plans in early 2019 it ‘slate 2018 as I record this video and we have plans in early 2019 of going south of the border into the United States of America the great news is all of our executive directors that Experior the people that we promote to that position to become an executive director by the way you have to hire and train or recruit on 10 licensed advisors and there are some production requirements there as well but what we do for people that have done that and there’s over 40that has

So, far with our organization that we have as executive directors we issue them shares in the corporation now can you imagine right now as I speak to you we are the fastest-growing mega in the entire country to my knowledge wearer the first or one of the first MGAs? that’s ever going to go south of the border from to the US not from us to Canada we have ample opportunity here and can you imagine own a piece of an organization that has a vision that has a dream of becoming the largest financial serviceman on the planet and that’s exactly what we intend on doing here at Experior – We believe with our leadership team with the things that we’re putting in place with some of the deals that we ‘reworking on right now behind the scenes we believe that we are positioning ourselves to be the dominant financial services brokerage in the entire globe and that’s what you get to own a piece of if you should decide to work and become a part of Experior now other questions I’m getting a lot or how’s your structure different what makes you guys unique you know what’s your sweet spot and really I call it the tribrid system try it hybrid you know it’s kind of a combination of two well we took a combination of three to build what we call a tribe rate and here’s our tribe red model we took the best of the best from the managing general agency world out there see in the mega world you have high compensation advisers on their block of business right they can transfer it they can sell it okay that there’s some benefits there they have access to multiple carriers all these benefits we have at Experior some of the negatives with the mega is lack of training and support lack of guidance showing people how to sell a lot of MGA’s don’t want part-time agents you know I’ve heard MJ’s referred to people as deadweight I think that’s a complete insult to humanity I would never call someone deadweight I just feel that not everyone is at the same level as others and it might take people longer to succeed than others

so we allow part-time agents but a lot of the negatives with the mega world right we left that behind we took all of the positives from the mega world the second part of the tribrid is the career agency’s career agencies you look back at the London life and you know the training they did for

So, many advisors years ago and the cleric assess now son life and all that all the career shops many huge advantages great name recognition great brands right they have lot of benefits in terms of the trainings right the procedures they have in place they help you out typically with a draw when you’re first starting some of the challenges though is they don’t want part-time agents right and if you’re successful person that’s 40-somethingyears old and you’re making a six-figure income it’s kind of hard to jump into something commission based day one and go full-time we believe that because of our part time opportunity that’s available we can attract anyone it doesn’t matter what your income is we can attract you into the business because you don’t have to quit your job and potentially go broke the next month because you’re not making the commissions right away as you’re growing and building your practice

So, there’s a lot of good with the career model and the good that we took from it is the great brand right the image that we ‘recreating out there right now in the marketplace number two is how we train our advisors we are training advisors seven to fifteen times a week depending on the office and we’re doing webinar videos all the time I mean it’s constant communication we have a lot of communication through what Sapp anytime someone does a sailor or get two prospectors or whatever there’s recognition around that and people feel good about it you know in the mega world and maybe even sometimes in the career world it gets lonely you know it’s every man and woman for themselves out there fighting we’ve built a great team camaraderie and culture around our organization which is just fantastic and in my opinion second to none the third part of this tribrid model is the network marketing or the multilevel marketing out there now I do get a lot of people ask well you know I stay away from that stuff you know the pyramid thing and people have heard these different things but let me ask you question do you know the two financial services companies in Canada and in North America rather the two insurance agencies are financial companies call it what you will that have the largest sales forces of any other company on the globe in financial services would it be surprising if I told you that they are both multi-level marketing organizations

So, having said that we are not a truemulti-level marketing organization we’ve taken the good from it because let’s face it if you’ve built the two largest sales forces on the planet in this industry using that model you can’t lie to yourself it obviously works and there’s obviously some good to it right would argue that there’s a lot of negatives to it that the lack of professionalism sometimes the stigma that’s out there sometimes I mean there’s certain things that people don’t like you know I feel like if you’re going to represent a company you want to be proud to say that company’s name and that’s one thing that I love about experience our advisors are proud to say I’m with Experior but the network marketing gives you the bit of the ability to develop multiple agencies you can recruit a large organization everyone has equal opportunity there’s no limit on territories I mean there’s so many huge advantages that I feel like people in the mega world just don’t understand how great some of the things over here are and the people in the career shops are kind of sitting in the middle going I’m not sure but they all look like they’re having fun right

So, what we’ve done is we said we’re going to take all the good from these three models we’re going to build this tribrid organization we’re going to call this company expiry Financial Group and wearer going to build the largest most successful team of financial advisors ever to hit planet earth

So, I’d like to thank you all so much for being a part of this journey with us on learning little bit about Experior I know we didn’t go into the numbers and twenty-gritty but I first want to share with people the big vision of what we ‘redoing as an organization because if you don’t buy into that vision the numbers aren’t going to matter anyways but if you are interested in learning more please contact the person who invited you to watch this video contact myself my name is Jamie Pricket you can connect with me on LinkedIn let me know how you heard about us and we look forward to chatting with you soon and hopefully we will working with some years soon as well thank you.

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