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How to Buy Your First Cryptocurrency in Canada – Best Exchange to Buy & Sell Crypto

hey hey what’s up party people michael san senado here and i’m gonna show my screen in a minute because in this video i’m gonna show you how to make yourfirst purchase of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency woo good for you thrilled for you I’m excited for you welcome welcome welcome welcome to this excitingworld its 2020 it’s May 4th 2020 rightnow at the time am i recording thisvideo I’ve been involved and invested in the cryptocurrency world myself for over4 years and it’s been thrilling it’s been exciting it’s been amazing it’s been very very profitable and it’s been filled with learning experiences now I’m gonna share my screen I’m gonna show you if you’re Canadian the best place right now that I recommend to buy your first piece of cryptocurrency alright check this out so we’ve got bit by dot CA now you know first before we get off the bat right off the bat there is a referral code that if you use my referral code obviously I do receive I think 20 bucks you know when you make your first transaction you can just go to bit buy dossier or if you care if you’re into the good faith kind of thing and goodwill gestures and all that good stuff then find the link in the description right now in this video and my referral link you know goes a little bit of a long way to help me out so thank you so much for that and you will have your own referral code as soon as you sign up for a bit buy as well I’ll show you how to do that too in another video alright this video is gonna be centered around how to make your first purchase so if you want you can pause the video and go along with me and hit up that link right now in the description and then let’s do this together you know what I mean pause the video hit it up do that and get started we’ll do it alongside together so here we are we have hit the link and we’re at bit by dot CA and we’re either gonna sign in sign up or if you’re on your mobile or your tablet right now you download the app they do have a really really really good really solid app on the Google Play Store and the App Store for Apple and you know this is a new thing they’ve only got the app I think as of like last year they’ve been around for about this company’s been around for like I want to say three years or so and they just gotten better and better and better and better so right now we’re in the Kovach coronavirus no reason for them to be fully operational thrilled that they are fully operational and guys i’ve been i’ve used the support once or twice and they’re fantastic so you might have seen in another video I recommend bit by dossier and I have recommended it before it’s really simple and easy to use it’s really customer friendly nice clean interface look at this if you’re looking on your mobile this is probably you know what it looks like what you’re gonna see in a second and really easy to use and good prices as well that’s a key good prices so my other video I mentioned you know prices support and speed those are the fantastic aspects and then if you’re an advanced trader as well or you know what the heck you’re doing are you familiar with stock trading or options trading then the pro feature will come in SuperDuper handy for you and you will be really satisfied with the robustness of that alright but if you’re just a beginner starting out then you’ll have a solidly good time as well so I’m gonna walk you through the steps right now let’s get it going click the sign-up link to get started and it’s just like creating an account password confirm your password and if you want your referral code oh look at that so there’s another chance you can enter my referral code y’all if you like it is you want to use just my number then it’ll be this 6m ir y MP 9 OB 2 o and you can enter that right in there or click the link make sure you’re not a robot it’ll give you this nice little diagram thingy what – you know select so this is really common this is how they prevent you know spam bots and malware and all that stuff and security hacks by making sure that you’re not a robot so it’ll give you a different option like you know select all the cars or select all the tractors or select all the bridges or select all the traffic lights those are the most common ones so you’re going select bridge bridge bridge bridge and hit verify there is usually three or four doesn’t matter what it is sometimes there’s nothing you just click skip get a new challenge and if you are you know hearing-impaired or you want to do just audio then or visually impaired sorry forgive me forgive me then now you can hit that up and just do an audio one but I usually just do these and they’re pretty simple sometimes you got to look you get you switch it’s really simple and easy hit verify hit sign up I’ll see you on the other side now look I’m not gonna lie you have to be careful this is an investment ok these are investments these are financial instruments and you know I called you for doing this because crypto is a rising in growing asset class my generation Millennials surveys say that 60% of us would rather trust our money with cryptocurrency than with a bank Booya where’s the future going am i right so if you want to continue your knowledge you know you do have to be careful this is an investment there are risks you could lose your money it’s best to learn it’s best to engage in knowledge it’s best to inform and educate yourself so check out this website right here me and some friends we’ve got this thing going called financial ninjas you can find us at Finance with ninjas com where we offer insights and information and education and courses if you just want to hit up the courses then we I think we price them really well honestly then you can go to courses dot financial ninjas comm and you can get great courses on your money habits your money history a solid financial wake up call everything you need to know about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency another one on the essentials of money and how we earn it this one’s fantastic and this one the essentials of investing and how to invest correctly I’ve got to tell you I strongly strongly strongly recommend strongly recommend that you take this course if you’re new to investing new to cryptocurrency new to buying and investing and trading crypto and stocks and things like that online for just investments in general absolutely check this one out without a doubt now listen I just had my 35th birthday y’all I know I I know I’m looking on I know I look young you saw the photo I know I look young but I got knowledge you some of you know my story my parents were bank managers taught me the essentials of investing and give the essentials of finance and money by the time I was 21 22 years old you know I had my first rental property at that age play in the stock market succeeding doing well and all that good stuff I have improved since then even even more so I’m still reading learning taking courses reading books all the time and making investments in different sectors all the time and so I pass this knowledge on to you so check this course out this is the one I highly recommend okay the essentials of investing and how to invest correctly check it out like I said my 35th birthday just passed so I’m doing a special promo code for 35% off all my courses right now for my 35th birthday check out the description below and hit that up take advantage you’ll find the discount code for thirty three thirty five percent off I hope you take advantage you will absolutely be satisfied with your purchase and you can check out the description here for all the things that are in the course what you’ll learn and more you okay so we have come to the time now to verify your identity this goes along with verifying your account you’ve already verified your email you’ve already signed up as well so that’s fantastic so you’re almost there now you know this is the section where you just fill in your basic information and I’ve done that here I’ve filled in some random stuff so very simple very basic you know I got some random stuff here your address check me out drive Orlando I don’t know what the postal code is for Northwest Territories but this is just like signing up for any account for any email or any user in today’s date okay now a couple of things here are you a politically exposed person or head of an international organization I hope not you know make things more difficult for you if you are but simply didn’t know now here is where they’re going to check actually your credit score this is a soft credit check so read this fine print here pause the video if you like your credit score will not be affected it says or visible to other financial institutions this is considered a soft check okay now the credit expert do your own research simple it says here plain English not a hard check will not be affected your credit score and not visible to other institutions they’re simply doing a identity verification they’re using an outside service called truly oh truly oh you can look them up online if you like it’s an electronic verification of your identity for k @ k YC and a mo k YC and a mo means anti money laundering and know your customer these are government regulatory compliance measures okay you’re required to do this now you know it’s 2020 check it out we’re in May all right 2017 when I was educating people on cryptocurrency and doing events educating people about cryptocurrency I said it was just a matter of time before the government on board before regulations happen before the government stepped up before it was internationally recognized and recognized by the government and – that was in 2017 and crypto had already been around for seven years so we’re past the ten-year anniversary now for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and governments are getting on board finally okay they’re introduced introducing regulations and taxation and laws and things like that centered around cryptocurrency it’s May we got the Cova corona crisis and the government’s talking about a digital dollar the US dollar is gonna soon become a digital dollar so this is par for the course for playing in the game with cryptocurrency okay the time is here the time is now so hit accept you’ll get a verification button here that you can press and they’ll email you they’ll say thanks you’re in process this may take a few days or a few hours don’t worry be patient chill it’s all good keep it going okay if you are having trouble then send them an email right here all right remember that I’m recommending this service to you because I strongly believe in them they have great support that great customer service you know Chad email I’ve been on the phone with people it’s all good all right so really Canadian friendly customer friendly process here at been by which is why we’re recommending them so hit that and you’ll be on to the next stage you all right and now we’re logged in so here we are looking at the main screen so this is the main screen that you’re gonna see right as soon as you’ve logged in okay so you’re gonna see $0 $0 nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing so zero digital currency balance and zero Canadian dogs because we obviously haven’t put any money in the account right you can click try again but it’s not going to show anything for a little while so here we’ve got the main screen these are tips and helpful things at the bottom once you have digital currency balances displayed here on your screen you’ll see them it’ll say you know XR p which is Ripple BTC which is Bitcoin obviously ETH which is aetherium and so on and so forth so let’s take the first steps to add funds to our account since that’s what we’re going to do one of the things we love about bid by and why I’m recommended this is because you can use eat transfers okay you can use eat transfers they’re really quick lickety-split and the fees are low alright so your limit of how much you can eat transfer is basically up to you and your bank you can do in some cases two thousand dollars in a day five thousand dollars in a day three thousand a day it really depends on your bank in Canada and what they let you send in any transferring a day okay the typical usual is two thousand dollars alright and then you have a weekly limit as well you might want to call them to increase it during the coronavirus obviously you know you’re not doing much cash you’re not doing much in person so maybe you can get them to eat to increase your eat transfer limit by just telling them hey look we got this coronavirus going on I’m doing lots of eat transfers I got bills to pay people to pay family to send money to can you increase my daily limit or my weekly limit and they’ll probably do it for you I’ve had people do this okay now which method do you want to use heat transfer a transfer or wire transfer wire transfers obviously are only for large amounts twenty thousand dollars on up okay their minimum is twenty thousand so you can do twenty-five or thirty k if you’re that serious but obviously you got to know what you’re doing this is just to get you started and get you with your first purchase now you have a minimum of $100 here for this option and this is a faster option where they process it faster the minimum here is 500 okay and the fee is up a little bit here for the express option I’m giving you a pro tip here I have done both and when I’ve done the regular transfer okay it’s almost 2 percent less and it says within 24 hours but I’ll be honest with you I have had it processed in two hours ok I’ve had a process in two hours three hours four hours five hours unless you’re really in a rush really in your hurry which I’d never recommend because there you’re probably making emotional decisions do not do that because you’re not making logical decisions with your with your head I would say don’t do this option don’t do this express option fee is higher and pretty much they’ll do it in the same timeframe here okay so you’re gonna enter your amount so let’s say I want to do $300 just to start okay enter the amount and you hit next it tells you what the fees gonna be and now this is the information you’re gonna add into your he transfer recipient okay so this is my wife’s account so this is the information you’re gonna enter into your a transfer in your bank set up a new contact with your bank this is the information you’re gonna enter okay you can even just click it and it’ll copy it look at that click copy click copy click copy paste how beautiful is that so you can flip over to your browser and you can go to you know TD or RBC or CIBC whatever and add in your contact information and this is it once you send it from your bank this is key once you send it from your bank then you’re gonna click I am sent an e transfer okay and your first transfer is going to be complete all right so now we are still logged in and now we’re looking at what the real main screen looks at for some reason it wasn’t showing earlier these digital currency balances but basically this is where your digital currency balances will show and the amounts that you have so these are the these are the coins that are available for purchase on bit by it’s only it’s only the major ones and it’s a lot of the main coins but some of the alt coins are on here and they’ve added recently a few which is great so they’ve added stellar which is stellar lumens which is really nice one of my favorites and it’s a great alt coins us which I like a lot I like just for investment purposes I don’t really care that much about the long-term potential you know like you’ve got to be careful in this world you have to research the crypto of the coins you have to know what they’re all about spend some time do the research on your own learn about the coins and always always always use your discretion do your due diligence and invest at your own risk this is not investment advice this is just how to buy some Bitcoin or some crypto on goodbye okay which again I acknowledge you for doing this it’s 2020 you know again here we are May 2020 and I’ve been invested in this industry in this world for four years now and I was calling it back in 2017 like I said that this would just be a matter of time before everyone catches on so again massive kudos for you for taking this step and buying some crypto on your own okay so now you’ve got some money in your account let’s say you’ve shown you how to add some funds via e transfer you’ve done that okay and now I’m going to show you how to make your first trade alright but before I do that again remember that these are just some of the coins that are available for purchase to you these are the main ones on bit buy which is great because too many options can confuse you too many coins can confuse you and we don’t want that you need to clear head stick to a few you know like my dad taught me with stocks in the way back in my 20s and my team years pick just one or two and get to know that one really really well and follow it and study it and understand okay too many options can drown you so there are two ways to place an order and this is just like stocks so if you know how to trade stocks and buy stocks and then you will be perfectly comfortable here so there’s two ways one is called the Express trade and the other is the pro trade now this is basically market orders and limit orders so think of the Express trade as a market order you’re buying at the whims of the market you’re buying at the whims of the exchange to give you the price whatever it is right now and a pro trade is where you set the limit this isn’t this is a bit of an advanced feature okay if you’re a seasoned trader then what you’re going to be looking at here is the pro trader screen this is the Advanced Options if you’re a seasoned investor a savvy trader you know what you’re doing whether it’s stocks or options or crypto this will be extremely familiar to you so here you have all the information about what you need in this market and how to purchase so if you don’t want any of this advanced stuff then just take this as fun knowledge if you’re just starting now if you just want to make your first trade then this is where you want to be oh look I got a relook it all right again if you’re just doing your first trade congratulations this is your first trade how to make your first purchase of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency using the easiest possible method then you’re just going to stick with this screen here much more friendly much more user-friendly and easy to understand you’re simply gonna click buy right here let’s say you’re gonna buy a Bitcoin how much Bitcoin do you want to buy it so in some hundred dollars you know obviously I have not funded this account with anything so you have to clear your each transfer or your wire transfer first in order to be able to use this feature and actually make a purchase this is where you’re gonna actually do it and do it if I had $100 in my account it would say available funds underdogs you can just click use available funds that will use the total amount in your account in Canadian dollars so I’m gonna click $100 Canadian there is a maximum per trade it’s got to be less than five grand you want to click purchase Bitcoin okay if I actually had money in this account you would say you know you have root dollars or whatever right here so click one hundred dollars that’s how much you want to spend and it’s gonna give you this much in bitcoins and that is of course relative to the price per Bitcoin so if I had a thousand dollars let’s say I had a thousand two hundred sixty six dollars that would get me point one Bitcoin because that’s essentially ten percent right so if I only had one hundred let’s say I put a hundred in here I’m going to click purchase Bitcoin and then the next screen would be congratulations you buy your first Bitcoin art or your transactions has been processed you’ll see your money in your account if you don’t see anything then just hit refresh just hit the refresh button okay control our control arm or this little reload button reload refresh depending on what browser you’re using okay then you’ll see give it a minute or two don’t panic no need to panic or freak out or worry I’ve done this thousands of times no need to panic I’ve had clients call me panicky not to worry just hit refresh okay it’ll show up it’ll be there and then your equivalent account in Bitcoin will be there congratulations you just made your first purchase of Bitcoin now if you want to sell let’s say the price has gone up all of a sudden its skyrocketed you know you think that it’s time to sell then you just simply click sell click the amount of Bitcoin you want to sell and it’ll say I’m out of Bitcoin available here and you enter the amount so let’s say you have your point one Bitcoin you now want to sell your point one Bitcoin you can even add some zeros if you like but you really just need to put the amount point one and again you can click this button here and it’ll automatically populate for you the amount of Bitcoin you have okay once you’ve been to the amount then you want to click sell Bitcoin and again price is approximate and make no guarantees it’s approximate because if there’s a lot of trading happening then the price will fluctuate really rapidly and subject to market volatility of our live ordered book and click sell Bitcoin and they’ll say congratulations your sell orders place when you’re using the express it fills your orders immediately okay the pros and cons our pro is it fills your order immediately and it will happen very quickly and the con is that the price will not be exact the price will not be exact what you see here it will be inflated or deflated a little bit

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